Monday 30 November 2009


She is a girl's innocence youth still shining in her eyes. She makes you feel less than they will alert you of your enthusiasm for this crazy life. However, it is her very life, her unconditional love to take a guilt trip to this beautiful and exciting parts of lessons difficult. Bright smile in her eyes and relaxed. You fear that you will be the one to take the sweetness away.

*Photo via Lolita.

Wednesday 25 November 2009


Schaatz - Barbara Lisa Chloe

Are you a complete vision of the corners of the triangle hovering in three parts: one that reflects the ego of your standing still? Trinity Freud - Angel, prostitution, her mother - a cliché, the kind of puberty and you are still in love with the image, or that someone is actually a real person stops know. However, to achieve and be used as a safety net. If you are inspired to dream of polygamy in any way, to guess you are satisfied with the completion of the trio really a sexual appetite for you? Why is there all the time all the time?

*Space of Schaatz.

Monday 23 November 2009


Today marks the beginning of time. Whatever you are feeling is the beginning of the universe within is possible and you have yourself a time traveler expects. And all forms are together every moment. You just need to step through the Door.

Friday 20 November 2009


This has become of her, who loves you so well? She is now all gone, like all other people, take wings, flew away from your lonely cage. Are you ready to her charm and dedication? You resist, as always, but her color you are prompted with a colorless, gray world, the purity of her young joie de vivre bubbling to the surface.

Image via Lolita. Thanks the special video from Nina.

Thursday 19 November 2009


'....but I rerent Body Double because I want to watch it again tonight even though I know I won't have enough time to masturbate over the scene where the woman is getting drilled to death by a power drill since I have a date with Courtney at seven-thirty at Café Luxembourg.'

-Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Spencer & Hill Remix

As pointed out many times, for many, its surface does not always correspond to positions under the nothing. People like you so far, you should take to read the exact nature and intent. This time, mind you, but you often will be created this facade, this is another personality to deal with the outside world.

In some cases, addition, construction has been out of fear of actually fool your real creature, believed to lurk beneath other people. What is the inside out how alien? You really who you?

Monday 16 November 2009


Personal Victories with George Quartz - Human Metal

Travel the world to deliver a message of understanding and enlightenment for global diverse cultures are able to embrace the full potential of the human mind and libido. And folklore of the Juggernaut, his death at the hands of his aroused followers, was the birth of a new and ultimately bring eternal magic familiar themes, and create enthusiasm. This recording is from Friends new distant, experiencing Personal Victories.

*Photo via Obsidian Obelisk.

Friday 13 November 2009



Just wanted to let y'all know I'll be doing the video thing at Dan's Silver Leaf this Sunday. 10:30PM. FREE.

Showing three Texas-based videos: a JFK assassination recreation, a great black variety program filmed in Dallas in the mid-1960s, and the Butthole Surfers live in 1985.

Next screenings will be on the third Sunday of December (the 20th) with a Xmas theme.



Ant Farm and T.R. Uthco, 1975 (24 min.)

Using Abraham Zapruder’s famous film of the Kennedy assassination as their starting point, T.R. Uthco and Ant Farm construct a multi-leveled event that is simultaneously a live performance spectacle, a taped re-enactment of the assassination, a mock documentary, and, perhaps most insidiously, a simulation of the Zapruder film itself. Performed in Dealey Plaza in Dallas — the actual site of the assassination — the re-enactment elicits bizarre responses from the spectators, who react to the simulation as though it were the original event.


WFAA Television, 1966 (30min.)

Legendary Nashville deejay Hoss Allen’s short-lived variety program “The!!!! Beat” featuring an influential line-up of some of the best black performers of the 1960s. As the only independent color television station in the south, the WFAA studio in Dallas hosted the recording of the program. This episode features host Hoss Allen, The Mighty Hannibal, Little Gary Ferguson, Gatemouth Brown. Johnny Taylor, Wanda Rouzan, and The Beat Boys.


Butthole Surfers, 1985 (80 min.)

This mid-80s VHS release documents the Butthole Surfers performing live at the club Traxx in Detroit, Michigan in 1985. Includes Trevor Malcolm on sousaphone and bedroom interviews.

Songs: The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave, One Hundred Million People Dead, Bar-be-que Pope, Cowboy Bob, Hey, Tornados, Dum Dum, Mexican Caravan, Cherub, Lady Sniff, Something, Mark Says Alright, and PSY.

Wednesday 11 November 2009


This is but one of the only mid-week, you already are, for the weekend, will start to feel the excitement of the pulse through the veins to be known as neon in time to see her again. There is no question or doubt or anyone. Your movie is as epic and when all together and so familiar, yet wildly is original and thrilling. Expand the plot as an attractive, all snaps into place and can not be concerned about the outcome.

San Serac - Style

She came into this world of dreams you have extended only - and such a laugh living in the city under your feet wet if the streets run. She was beside herself with joy, yes, is beautiful and her look is best - but her fashion, her style foreign, are themselves beyond the glossy magazines and runways. This is a way of life. And to use as they now have two sparkling eyes meet when you touch her, yet somehow ancient and electrical vibration. Finally found the love you forever.

* 'Music Never Ends' by the legendary San Serac now to be available at Environ.
** Many thanks of the special to dear sister small, Jane, They Don't Call Them Lovers in High School, Leeland for beautiful images.

Tuesday 10 November 2009


Sometimes you will feel your early youth, it is so complex that missed. It is kind of feel like you want to return to this childhood imagination in your ideal place. They hope some of that time to bring into your innocent of age. It is impossible.

Although it is wonderful to be as child, the world's first large-eyed, it is sometimes a painful and terrible experience, but often forgotten in the time of challenge of dream, the future of time and age.

Madonna - This Used To Be My Playground

There is no returning. This is a reasonable preservation of the early years of wonderful memories, but the best at this time of life, as the timing of waters in the future.

*Thanks of special to M of video.