Tuesday 29 April 2008


Some friends live in other places and you never see them - perhaps never to have never seen you then. It could be because they live in other places or because they are phantoms or imaginary or simply invisible. These friends are special because it falls on you to employ your imagination to colour in the details absent about their aspect.

But with these kinds of friends you should not know behind so that they resemble or with the EC what them voice resembles. You can say by other things which they are the beautiful ones and good creatures. They astonish you with the messages which return you to it happy feeling or send gifts of their strange grounds to you.

Martha Hviid is of the Village of the Tatoos of Neck, in a magic place called Denmark. According to the chart of the world, Denmark is a true place and the people there speak Danish and fight the Bär in the forest. The men raise the moustache which is longer than the roads and the women never wear clothing because they do not know any shame. They only like to eat rich delicious chocolates and the extremely salted pieces of monster of sea hide. They like to play of the jokes on foreigners in their saying that the skin leathery is a clothes industry! Denmark is a marvellous place through the vast ones and deep oceans.

Martha is a being having odd of In particular which comprises her closing her eyes and falls in a fright. Only her hand moves with a pirn expenses-encrée of feather through the rice paper woven on trades with hand of Beijing. Exquisite descriptions in a fantastic way of the phantasmagoria of fever-dream are produced while young Martha trembles of the jolts in a state excited of zombification. The pig iron and cast iron of pieces of furniture around its and the volcanos bursts under the green sea. The men turn to wolves and sirens of women while the odd hiéroglyphes of Martha take their form.

Then, after has coma-like the sleep and a hot bath, this skilled girl-witch gives her creations in the world liberally. Three acclamations for Martha. She is really a magic friend.

Friday 25 April 2008


Where would you be without your friends? The friends are those which are there when you need them more. The friends encourage you to the top when you are sad and the friends come to your delivery when you have troubles. The friends will be faithful at the end. Some friends, although, are really magic. They are friends who are certainly available to help - but much more because they have the people different from the special capacities. They can take much various kinds of forms - air, water, fire, sands, snakes, birds, crystals. They can go by walls, time of displacement, and see in the future. They are powerful and special, but also they love you.

It is very chance to have a magic friend. Kendra is Magick is a good friend to be had. You can say just by her name that she is, in fact, magic being. She has the capacity to exceed the hour and space to create the visions which surface as strange holograms before your naked eye. She travels in the worlds strange and alarming and is turned over with gifts of other odd places.

She designed the armour carried by the legions of horns, or Klaxons, as attaches crowned of a sonic book of charm by the gangsters of dirtiness, fox of counterfeit, known again once Faux Fox. It is a powerful creature this, if the obvious air and not made, really appears as a small woman. She is a magician savage, but is also spoken very gently and softens. Kendra is a magic friend, indeed.

Thursday 24 April 2008


Believe that the children are our future. Teach good and let them carry out them the way. Show them any beauty that they have inside. Give them a direction of pride, to facilitate it with all Palms Out.

Tuesday 22 April 2008


If you in the glance of the mirror to fixedly which always reflects another mirror. See how it breaks the universe in the interminable prisms of reality and dream in infinite dimensions simultaneously. By using this logic, you until the open possibility that the life where you carry out is nothing more than one illusion projected on a screen; somebody of another manuscript, writing and transformed into film so that the world sees. After all, we support only players in the lives of others.... C. - with-D., unless we apprennions how to direct and hold the first role in the device.
The triptych of video below will show first hand the effects of the windows of the opening of the interior of the windows, and daring out of the lives where we think that we know in the lives without knowledge that we had lived all the length in other, of the darker places. Perhaps the factitious place and its invented characters are truer than the places and the people which we consider ' rectify '.

At the beginning, leave examine the concept of the director playing to us a director in the film which it directed. In Targets, Peter Bogdonovich is an ambitious indie of young person trying to finance his own project by a B-film collapse holding the first role a film of catch of ageing the first role. Which side of the mirror and which is the film is the true world? Even the young net of sniper cannot make the difference between the two Boris Karloffs staggering towards him - one while a gangster victorien projected on fabric towards its left - and the screen of hero to judge it role-turned initially ageing with its right....

After, direct your attention to François Truffaut extraordinarily filmed, Day for Night, an illusory limit of film in. Still, we see the director playing the director, stripping a flick obsolete of the studio which its spirit independent of déchainé would be hatred with the laiss. An ode with a film life.... ' people such you an I be only happy in our work '....

In conclusion, we take with seeming doppelgängers, which is all the suitable one that we look at the German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder who a more Beware of a Holy Whore. Here Fassbinder played a turn: It has an actor to play the part of the haunting director, while it plays cuckolded the producer! Surely it that the great pleasure observing its glare of similarity in the adjustments of the fury onscreen - however could it must never have been smelled to compete with the true article?

Tuesday 15 April 2008


Children: Take guard of the signs and symbols for them will dance bus of the hiéroglyphes on the brilliant stone ways of the progress of your future.
In this vision of sleep unaired, not written, and unfilmed the episode of The Sopranos was indicated to me Élégant, played by James Gandolfini, was hospitalized. It is confronted with one doped tied up-outside, played soon by Axl Pink, Appetite of Circa for the Destruction.

After a first scuffle, Élégante easily subjects the young man who tells him the history in the way in which it came to the hospital. In a frantic voice, more or less even as the acute voice of the song of Axl, it explains how it ran of the police force in stolen Firebird Z-28 with diamond T-tops. It was at high speed drives out which finishes with metal collision and glass which sent the young man without knowledge and the young person girl friend nubile by the windshield and on the cap of the police car where she east quickly is thrown in addition to crushed under the wheels of the traffic.

Because young man says his history that it works in such levels alienated of hysteria that it must be retained by the giant orderlies and to be trailed in the corridor from where the dogs of police force break freely, or are let break freely, their owners. In the extreme horror, Élégant hears the noise of the dogs attacking and devouring the young man quickly.

With the Living Room of Radioactive Fallout in Dallas, the working membranes strange of Texas this evening exist to show bones of terror of blood in the disaster of particles of atom with hosts of Disquo Disco music of exposures and guests of special bloody boy and Prince William de Tommy of Children.

Tommy Boy Mix

Friday 4 April 2008


Faux Fox release the bird of baby of the nest first insane wing of simple beater of All That Remains, produced by the merry hybrid magicians of infamous floating the principal interdimensional of the Mission Giant and coming as an egg from palpitation of rooster soon of interstellar cave EXO of summit of tree record.

Frappez it.

Relocate again.

Tuesday 1 April 2008


April 1 George Quartz was constant to amuse you with the laughter of animals of faces of images of stories of songs and tears in a violent one give the attack to five dimensions of time that it has flights of the god called Zeus. Should can you say hello.