Friday 25 September 2009


Eyes have a real purpose and what you see. Ears just want to hear. Sometimes the eyes trying to see on the surface of things of the past when, sometimes, the surface itself is an important thing. When the brain gets more bizarre at the same time from the eyes and ears, the results can be unpredictable.

(See color here).

Philip Clark, artist and magician*, creating a beautiful visual puzzle of images of very different dimension literally as you want to DESTROY.HOT.ACTION. Add the syrup/ throbbing emotions/ sound erotic Georges Quartz's 'Butterscotch', the video images twist and turn into unconscious phantasmagoria lost in strange sexual outstanding exotic landscape.

George Quartz - Butterscotch

*Philip Clark is also dream weaver in sound.

Thursday 24 September 2009


All were normal were not out from all others in the community. They Summit because they can walk out of the country, sometimes unnoticed. However, their environment and mind (the possession of the duo Uncanny telepathic ability), there exist languages and techniques that had the possibility of foreign totally not acceptable to modern values.

Hot, ideas and beamed like a flame out the back and the arrows between them as indigenous and accuracy of ice bullet, and changing the erupting in the shadow of a darker dream. They had no need of words, but when they talked to each syllable was important. Every phrase was Mantra. Each sentence was Manifesto.

Two, known as Figure Study walk among us now. Are chill and shudder exactly as they passed by? Concern not to be, they are here to instruct.

Figure Study - Lesson One

Wednesday 23 September 2009


Photos were taken to the Secret indiscreet gaze of the public. The last seminar of the ritual ceremonies and joyful program known as Personal Victories and a representative of the celebrity who is George Quartz. Deep waves of cosmic energy in the room has a large pumped through an invisible layer (artist Javier Tellez Prodigy fashion) and sending a key figure in this strange and powerful emotion, breaking down as the body of snake floating in space and free time.

Come celebrate the coming magnetic and experience of yourself on 16 October 2009 at Lola's with The Paper Chase and The Great Tyrant.

Thursday 17 September 2009


Paul Williams - Phantom's Theme

Phantom of the Paradise is 1974 musical film mixture of The Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Faust. Follows the music of composer who considered Satanic record producer during performance as back-up act for Juicy Fruits which produces swans. Swan deeply moved the singing and the music of Winslow that the perfect music to open Paradise concert hall his right arm fly.

Death Records is thrown out. He slips into the Swan Hotel, to see what happens, there are several women singing all music. Phoenix perfect his music and the quickly fall for.

He seeks to destroy a press kit with the media file in the press record and press his face. Bleeding profusely and his face now badly mutilated, very disoriented and falls into the water and his body was not recovered.

Slip behind the scenes in Paradise the costume puts on a suit of black leather, long black cape and one silver owl to cover his scarred face and become ghost of a security camera.

While the ghost remains in the recording studio to rewrite the song and signs a contract in blood. Swan is a pill-popping women glam-rock male prima donna.

The Dutchman finished Faust to kill him if he performs but was arrested by a drug induced hallucination.

Swan Phoenix arrives and seduces his future stardom. Overwhelmed by the zealous crowd but quickly carting by the ghost. On the roof of the Phantom Phoenix tells his true identity. Swan will not destroy it as it destroys everything.

These assemblies are composed of shots from the film pointedly, and most of them are, but there are also many waterfalls.

Special appreciations to Jonah.

Wednesday 9 September 2009


Via Martin Iles:

"Hello Y'all.

Just wanted to let y'all know I will be showing the horrible/wonderful 1980s musical 'The Apple' at Dan's this Sunday.

This movie-musical takes a look at the future world of 1994, and is impressively accurate.

Starts at 10:30PM and it is free.

Come out and say hello."

See colour here.

Tuesday 8 September 2009


As the autumn air begins to shake loose summer leaves were returned to regular visions. Cosmic traveler other dimensions and listening to the words long, George Quartz reappears years distant 1929 to enjoy the fiery hot days before the Crash Great and 1955 and 1965 to visit the familiar faces of many of affection in Bright and happy days of youth. Posted at himself in old envelopes or buried in secret places, sentimental pictures are unearthed and screens to enjoy here.

Thanks special to Stephanie the warbles of fuzzy delight below.

The Blue Nile - Seven A.M.