Monday 19 May 2008


You were already told the magic friend that Kendra is Magick in days before. But, even while she is to be powerful, she is only one on three sides of triangle omnipotent of foreign sister exotic Witches of another plane of existence who comprise Dreamburger. Take guard, because they exist in a distant kingdom which seems to be right on the other side of the reflected shards which hangs the money of the caves of the sleep.

They travel in the borders of beautiful, however horrible sandwich which was prepared like gift for the god of the light and the sun, Apollo, by his lover Daphne. Apollo, however eulogistic in Daphne for her generosity and heat, was secretly pushed back by this 'cake of the cattle' and hid it far in the skies.

The beautiful ones, and bad Burgernauts, while moving by telepathy with this universe via the powder wig scented of Walter Carlos, and later, the curve of Easy Jheri of E, discovered the 'trade' left by the pushed-back deity. They quickly threw their mountings of gauze in favour of the fluorescent tunics of sticking serpentine stolen of Ziggy Stardust while it burst like lighting rocket in the cosmic eye of Eternity.

Dreamburger - Pitbull Terrier Flufftronix

They unloaded at Stonehenge right as the Druids had a long time provided and were adored as goddesses that they are. It was not, however, before one has fears their large Magick and their Hamburger-Tron ship burned to incinerate. Their charms and blows of hook of sugar raptor of diamond vision were enough, with a black smoke screen, so that they slip far into the long draping evening gowns of the first great worship of the world. It was predicted.

After centuries of silence, the trio re=materialised in Brooklyn in Néo--Year 2007 with the strange and bright laser beams of the telepathic extase and wild and démoniaque alchemy. By association collective vampire-like models of sleep and subconscious handling, they could ressusciter the Tron hamburger in a metaphysical state in which the boat could be used to easily cross time and space in the duration when it takes the flickering.

In Juste a short duration, and with legions of disciples twisted and faithful, they reduced the skies and Hellhounds deluded to surface in a reign with glory and terror which persists as a lighting above the tops of mountain to date. See the three. The three are one. That is Dreamburger.

They make also shirts new to have!

Thursday 15 May 2008


Whirl the Fisherman is a strange and enigmatic figure of which bottom and the place of mainly unknown stay running. Which little is known suggests an illusory and defamed creature born most admirably of the low belly in difficulty of the conventional polished company.

It is believed, that, like Athéna, Whirl burst entirely formed of the head of his father, whose intention was to devour him in fear of his unimaginable powers. However, two additional fathers would materialize, to only devour and then to release the young Whirl by the frontal lobe. It is largely speculated that the Fisherman was never a baby and dreamed for a childhood by the broken and shaded whispers of the radio frequencies which can only be heard in the swamplands which frame the third and the fourth dimension.

There are odd memories of the anonymous citizens who mask themselves behind the curtains of time. Some recall a young person of a hair buckled entirely, occupied in the act of the sexual relations with their winter coat to the conclusion of a festival of Christmas. The supposed friends of Whirl the Fisherman remember an elegant plate malfaisant in a white costume of fabric, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, or of the chicken fried by Kentucky Colonel. He would pack around the room, jumped to bell-foot upwards on the amphetamine, and then howl 'small Giacometti!' with each one he saw. Then, he would tickle them with a brilliant feather and fellate them until the morning.That which the case, he is not a heart to be taken slightly. His eyes are cameras nitrogenize-filled of fuel which see the world in a way in which is completely terrifying and completely truth. He sees models in unknown models and angles with the remainder of humanity. You cannot like what you see, but you are better to have seen it. To sweep far the familiar one and to allow you the exposure whirling of Fisherman manner, children.

Here a message with charm sent of the Whirl the Fisherman in the form of video created by buzbeto which it is made of puppets which are full with the charisma this by no means human being can fold up:

Other puppets holding the first rôlees of marvellous situational comedy of buzbeto:

Tuesday 13 May 2008


The gangsters of dirtiness who are armor of fox of forgery, or Faux Fox, in the cold dark world a hot tapestry and of silk of a love which is deep and a love i.e., sadly, lost at the ages. It is a universal topic which all the human ones should know, even with the great expenditure. For, knowledge the true love is to know the gods.

Faux Fox - Personal Best

Speaking about the gods, these deities tempermental were perched high placed on MT. Olympe took us, in their desperate and ridiculous jealousy, more creative than they. To put back your Mr. tired and soft Robert Rauschenberg of heart. The Sun smiles downwards on your gifts, even while the skies to rain of the tears of the pain.

Friday 9 May 2008


The known distant artist under the name of Martha Hviid, who, in Danish, wants to say 'To travel of million dreams strange and coloured' again sends the psychic messages by the visual metaphors built with forms of the light and noise, not with the difference in the dreams, which become images of other distant schoolboys who speak in the song and the noise which transform poèts to burst in flames and walk of very right animals as them in the past made before the comets and the cars leap them with servility during all the hour. Here the message dreamer of the image of Martha: