Sunday 28 September 2008


There are those, whereas mortal, are high with the statute of the gods. Their image projects in the skies so that all see and never forget. Some the large ones try to devour the sun and thereafter to believe are higher. They forget their mortality, to fall only from the pinnacles to the depths of the darkness below.

There are others, however, which can touch the sky as only gods themselves, however not to forget their own humanity. They never seek the superiority, only truth, with a humility and a contact of class which inspires all those which examine the horizons deeply and reach for the greatest potential of man. And for this reason they will never pass away.

Friday 26 September 2008


Many mercies go the known figure shaded and enigmatic of the public simply as M. He liberally provided his discoveries for a second installment of what can become a continuous visual series.

Wednesday 24 September 2008


The Spectrum of Death, whereas to terrify with the life is simply a psychopomp, or escort, by the conduit which extends between this world and the next one. Why Man does fear his end, represented by the repulsive image of the bone fleshless? And reciprocally, why is Man thus attracted by its beauty, hypnotised like mite to flame?

Septic Death - Screaming Box

Metallica - The Prince

Metallica - Breadfan

Monday 22 September 2008


There were ways in which the big Games of the ancient periods deconstructed and were gathered in the hieroglyphic forms and symbols which float before the eyes on the beams of mysterious light. These projections of the puzzles provoke the strategic moments and increase the will to progress by the ages in the future. Such exercises surround all the human directions in a virtual paradigm, less of which being music. Here this Music. Hear the Adventure.

Adventure - Battle Cat

Adventure - Loredo

Monday 15 September 2008


They came in this world soaked in blood from the Titans. The thunder breaks the frozen air while lighting zigzags to the bottom of the skies. The volcanoes burst and the duplicated mountains share while the ground trembles and leads to the breaking waves which again bring Atlantis to surface.

These Are Powers - Chipping Ice

These Are Powers - Cockles

They are elementary - fire, water, and air, wrapped in pointed coats of metal and diamonds. Their cry shrieking is wild and terrible, and all the alive things know them and fear. They inhale the depths of infinite and spit comets brilliantly extreme from their forked languages, rectifying together the crowned pyramids which are their teeth. They are the plague and the beauty of Nature.

These Are Powers - You Come With Nothing

Monday 8 September 2008


You heard of the enormous burden that his own glory can become, and of the pain which arrives at Hercules one time-of gold after his proud era has beyond that. How one he in his own shade saw? Which humble philosophy has to relieve the heart of a champion and to make the manner for the young people of the future?

The Alan Parsons Project - Shadow of a Lonely Man

Distance after the Veil of Time, Man can carry out a certain immortality, beyond the physical kingdom. Once his more wild ambitions and dreams are met, his actions become something more and inspire by the future generations to become large themselves. In this form, he will live for always.

The Alan Parsons Project - Eagle Will Rise Again

Friday 5 September 2008


What does it occur of those the Demigods powerful once their Size and Legend are eclipsed? Do they tumble down Olympe frame in the depths of the blackness of Hades never to be re-examined? Do they go heavily above by their days as anybody ordinary, being delayed in the memories of when they shone more luminous than the gold of Sun?

Stevie Wonder - Stay Gold

Does Apollo on the high one large laugh at these poor creatures or empathize, imagining as what it must be to be curse with the human state of decline? Where does their greater exploit continue when is for a long time behind them? The fixed glance in Eternity and will see you their faces them, triumphing, The Champions, of which the achievements will be burned for always in the Corridors of Time, long after the wind carried ashes and the dust of their bodies time-effective in the sea.

The Alan Parsons Project - In the Lap of the Gods

Wednesday 3 September 2008


We saw your Castles and all your Manors, gilded in platinum and balanced by diamonds. Rivers of champagne and fish of the pure crystal bathe at your banks, waiting to suckle your own rich toes.

We saw your Ghettoes and the deepest labyrinths of your Vicinity, made electric while shining Cadillacs, women of fire made of the deep sugar, and Upholders wrapped in fur and gold. Nails were soiled with rich spices and the Smoke of the Islands.

We all bring you them, those strange and lucid worlds, to become one with the eyes of the night. Behold such.

Monday 1 September 2008


Tomita - Golliwog's Cakewalk - Children's Corner, No.6

Rroland - In the Fields with My Sisters