Thursday 30 April 2009




Psychedelic sound traces sifted thru the sarcophagus; in the dangerous swell of a prison cell, an eternity doomed to neverness, Bobby Beausoleil defied the confines imposed upon the transference of rhyme and reason via a most industrious manifestation of resonance. Bobby Blue of the order of Beausoleil was the one to whisk the sceptor of wanderlust across the ancient faces of Kenneth Anger's imagination approximation that is Lucifer Rising. Regal are the ones he honors with the fruits of his quest towards sonic mind expansion, that which is equal in magnitude of those images of Anger, both jarringly primal and untraceable in their destinies. A homage to the pagan gods of this occult film record, minds tinged and tingled by the gift of Liber AL vel Legis, recieved by Aleister Crowley by way of the non-corporeal whisperings of Aiwass, thus inspiring this tribute to the Thelema in oscillating image and soundscape.

Lucifer Rising, Kenneth Anger's glorious vision of the dawning of the Aquarian Age.

View the entire film here.

Capture Beausoleil's shanked out symphony below >

Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising Part I

Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising Part II

Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising Part III

Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising Part IV

Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising Part V

Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising Part VI

Out of soap and newspaper knives and into the lives of the Sun Cult worshippers, here lies the soundtrack of a twisted and beautiful mind.


Tuesday 28 April 2009


Austrian designer Carol Poell Christian connects energies spiritual, mental, major, with energies real, physical, material, conscious, and terrestrial. It is a miracle to behold in his collections the theoretical and practical vision: an instinctive binary method dissolving the sensory beauty.

Process horse skin until it becomes transparent?
Phallus pants? Human hair?
Color your leathers with ox blood? Fix your seams with duct tape? Glass fiber coats?
Presentations in the Paris Kennel, a slaughterhouse?
Float your models down the Naviglio Grande?

The aesthetic answer in his work cannot help being multidimensional given the variety of elements used , to engage every sense 
 and suspending,questioning of the act of "dressing up" and its interactions with human nature..and our internal vitality..

Monday 27 April 2009


'Masculin, féminin' is a low budget, black and white film directed by Jean-Luc Godard and released in 1966.

The film stars New Wave icon Jean-Pierre Léaud as Paul, a young idealist and romantic, literary lion-wannabe pop star who is young, Madeleine (Chantal Goya, a life-Yé yé girl). Despite the very different musical tastes and political leanings, the two soon become involved in romantic and start a household with two to four roommates Madeleine, Catherine (Catherine-Isabelle Duport) and Elisabeth (Marlène Jobert).

Chantal Goya - Voulez-Vous Danser Grand-Mére.mp3

Tuesday 21 April 2009


Darker Dreamer is to travel the mysterious region beyond time and space, of the intelligence pyramid mirrors evoke and explore the unknown world of the fiery plane grid stars. Please check with the innocent eyes of her hand to shield the precious metal for you now here new:


Thru the gates of forever and into the frozen vapours of Mannattan's minimal electronic monolith in the night, Further Reductions, Shawn Devin (of Led Er Est knowings) and collaborateur Katie Rose are weaving a web of reverberatory wonderment. One of not just a few of the minimal synth couple outfit armies to emerge from New York's ever living and breathing clan of the same epithet, this masculine/feminine dream drone dichotomy's synthesized incantations drift like gleaming analog jewels of dark incandescent dance dew. Voices with the echoes of youth sung wistfully into in the well and steeped in the myst of minor discord float inside Familiar Flights.

Committing aural projections in the register of all ears human within the walls of the House of Bells under waxing crescent moon 29 April 2009.

Further Reductions - Familiar Flights

Monday 20 April 2009


Bad Timing, Nicolas Roeg 1980 film, directed and produced by Jeremy Thomas. The title of the film is used for his album Bad Timing Jim O'Rourke musicians.

In Vienna, a young American woman is 20 (Theresa Russell), are gathered after the overdose to the emergency room. Alex Linden, an American psychiatrist (Art Garfunkel) education in Vienna. Fragment of a series of flashbacks, sexual obsession through the film is the story of a romance. The woman, Milena, it still suffers from depression from time to time to see many older men to cross the border (Denholm Elliott) has married. Linden, your lifestyle includes the relationship between excessive alcohol consumption and other men, I like the first way to increase the fatigue of his free spirit. He is in control and she tries to spy Milena. The hospital, the investigator (Harvey Keitel), rather than be ruled a suicide attempt and five on Monday. If he can, and Linden Research, tries to confess to a crime problem.

Thursday 16 April 2009


Science Is Fiction: 23 Films by Jean Painlevé

Advocating the credo 'science is fiction', Painlevé managed to scandalize both scientists and the film world with a film intended to entertain and build. He painted sea horses, bats vampire, skeleton shrimp, and fanworms with human traits - eroticism, comic, and the wild. Painlevé alone has created a unique type of film, the poetic film science.

Big Man Japan

Soon to Theaters coming and videos of demand 15 May 2009.

Gratitudes for Martin Iles and Elliott Johnson for projections to see above, respectively.

Tuesday 14 April 2009


The Human Condition, a film by Masaki Kobayashi, is currently being screened thru April 16 in New York at Film Forum.

人間の条件(人間の條件は、人間のイェーケン)は、日本の大作映画3部作が1959年と1961年の間に作られています。それGomikawa俊平五味川纯平( 1916-1995 )の小説に基づいています。


最初の映画、いいえ大愛( 1959 )梶が彼の将来についての疑念にもかかわらず、彼の恋人と結婚する美智子で開きます。夫婦して大規模な鉱山満州操作するには、日本の植民地は、梶が中国の囚人労働者の上司の従業員に割り当てられている移動してください。彼としようと、最終的には、天皇制の強制労働の残酷な現実に彼の人間主義の理論を照合に失敗する。

2番目の映画では、道路エタニティ( 1959 )、梶、中国の囚人からの不当な処分を保護し、今では日本の関東軍に徴集されているから自分の兵役免除を失っている。彼の反軍国主義、梶優れ彼のトレーニングにもかかわらず、有力な残虐行為に直面して、他の兵士との取引に自分の理想を実行しようとします。この映画は、ソ連軍の勝利の猛攻撃で終了する。

映画は3部作の最後の兵士の祈り( 1961 )です。日本軍は、梶と一部の同志は、壮大な旅に徒歩で南には復帰したいと考えている梶美智子着手されて粉々に砕けた。彼は赤軍によって捕獲され、治療を受けるのエコーは、最初の映画の中で、中国に多くの危険を克服した後meted 。最終的には、共産主義は、彼が望んでいた人間の解放のための力ですが、彼は少しがっかりに対する過酷なシステムに沿って苦戦していたよりも、彼の妻だが、梶がエスケープを探して夢を見て、彼の最終的な裁判に直面広大な冬の荒れ地。

各映画の2つの部分に分かれています。また、この3部作、 9時間、 40 〜 7分の長さはないintermissionsなどです。

英国の映画評論家のデビッドシップマンとしての彼の1983本、映画のストーリーは、 "間違いなくこれまでで最も偉大な映画3部作。"

Monday 13 April 2009


The King of Comedy is a feature film in 1981 with Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis, and directed by Martin Scorsese.

Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro), a stage door autograph dog, is an aspiring stand-up comic with obsessive ambition goes far beyond any actual talent. A meeting with Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis), a famous comedian and talk show host, Rupert led to believe that his 'big break' is finally here. His attempts to get a place on the show constantly rebuffed by the staff of Langford, and finally by himself Langford. On the way, Rupert book to develop and obsessive fantasies where he Langford are your colleagues and friends.

Wednesday 8 April 2009

SERGE LUTENS, traveler in time

Traveler in time, an expression that could very well define Serge Lutens. He is also an architect of dreams, for it is indeed as an architect that Serge Lutens has constructed for more than 30 years an œuvre with a style so powerful, it opens us up to a new world - or rather worlds. It is as a visionary that he details an extraordinary olfactive universe for which he imagined, down to the smallest detail, Les Salons du Palais Royal, a veritable jewel box dedicated to the perfumery of Serge Lutens.
Traveler in time, Serge Lutens reveals through his perfumes the essence, of the myths that populate our dreams and live in our imagination. His creations are neither reconstitutions nor dependent on ancient formulas. Instead, Serge Lutens captures the spirit of perfume, combining in subtle harmony the rarest, most authentic essences. He constructs a universe of perfumes that is liberated from conventions and explores forgotten territories, territories abandoned by contemporary perfumery.

..........."These are images that belong to beauty. It's like a painter's muse, for instance. Modigliani saw women in a particular way, and I too have a particular woman in my mind. For me she is the convocation of a form of reality. But this woman has not the least existence in reality, she belongs to the image. Once the image is finished, this woman no longer exists for me. She disappears, because I no longer need this reality."......

photographe, réalisateur de films 
transcendante publicité génie 
Directeur de cosmétiques Dior (1960) 
Directeur de la création à Shiseido (1981) 
M aster * de Serge Lutens Comsetics & Parfum

"I work in the 
of doubts.

"I don't make perfume, I make something else. 
I do my job. 
As I say, I'm just a schoolboy, getting on with it."

(on Guy Bourdin's work): "It's a very stupid vision of women: always bending over, scooping things up, running away.It's a very stupid vision of women: always bending over, scooping things up, running away."
"All the colours that I make precede fashion, they are copied and become the fashion. So, I have no need to follow the fashion. Excuse me, that's very pretentious."
"Silence and immobility are extremely close. You could say that for me, beauty is found in immobility, silence and whiteness. It's all a means of pulling back from the world."
"When I say that I am an autodidact, I mean to say that I still go to school everyday. I'm a professional schoolboy, that's me!"


Night music of Jake Five, a new tapemix.