Thursday 30 October 2008


Heino(carried 13 December 1938 in Duesseldorf as Heinz George Kramm) is a German singer of the popular music(hit) and traditional people music.

Heino - Bier Bier Bier

With his roaring voice, Heino brightens blond hair and always presents sun glasses(because of the Exophthalmos) makes by many an icon of the Kitschs and in the English-speaking world the Latin American topics by many his songs are regarded, which lend themselves to the jokes over German emigration to South America after the Second World War.

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Friday 24 October 2008


The Quartz of George is turned over safari of displacement of time by cold electricity to neon which is New York City. He lived not with the difference in the vampire, sleeping per day and picking off the streets the night with the research of the tender prey. He formed a new troop of the ruins of thus of much of stories broken to conspire and discharge and carry out all his urban imaginations and obsessions more deep.

The players among his band of patchwork of the good-for-nothings noble and the pretty gangsters include Cheree Cheree, Pretzel Lizard, Cult of Shame, Eye of Google, and naturally, Dreams Dark and KK Magick of the syndicate of Dreamburger. But what is it occurred of Timmy Kobra? No doubt knifed in a lane before the appointment….

The strange androïdes came to the life, and palpitated among the gold and the money of flutter. Beautiful, the hermaphrodites pushed piercing cries of the symphonies of dying and pain as giant creatures of sea assembled of water and became the ghostly ships at the end of time, while the song became a spot stained by lipstick on the wind.

(Gratitudes for the video of Cult of Shame)

In the Dream Palace, the gilded and reflected walls whirled and hypnotised and the bottle without wine end bled by the eyes of the underwater things to become a significant and paramount treat in exasperated and surrealist smoke. Much mysterious sorcery as charms became statues which went well to the stone chewing and faced Creatures of Muscle by black bat beater. Dreamburger Krew know the party.

Dreamburger - Pit Bull Terrier (Flufftronix Remix)

Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady

In the ruins bombarded outside of the hordes of cathedrals of the racings of teenager runaways and villain teeth attended like great worship in the Pantheon of the Gods. The breath became phantoms and the phantom went well to girls, only to be cold and broke in a million beautiful diamonds and to be returned throughout time.

Lightspeed Champion - Midnight Surprise

George thus found it to leave hard while the city, magnetic, held his steel and iron heart. Dispatching like striates with blindness by the fantastic electrified streets, he was catapulted in the sky in an accident of reduction and weighs down the howl of the thunder, forwarded to the future, until he was home.

Wednesday 22 October 2008


It is the first official visual segment of the artist of magician, of coding, and from the chamber strange and mysterious, M. His televised channel inter-dimensional came to be called Micahwave and its eye is all-indicator and hook-clear.


Tuesday 14 October 2008


TV Party was an exposure of the access of cable TV in New York City which ran from 1978 to 1982. Glenn O' Brien was host. Chris Stein, cofounder of the band of noise Bleached, was host two and Walter 'Doc' Steding was the leader of sound. Amos Poe was direction maker. The included guests Mick Jones, David Byrne, Debbie Harry, Chance of James and Jean-Michel Basquiat in particular.

The director, Quartz of George, begins an odyssey of New York this evening to celebrate the day of his birth many years ago this Friday. Although he can be of reflections and elusive this time, it is certain that, if you can find him some share in the streets of The City, he would be happy to receive your best charm. Mr. Quartz follows the Zodiac and it is true that he is Libra.

Serge Gainsbourg - New York U.S.A.

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Friday 10 October 2008


O bitter irony, to be an immortal creature wishing ardently for human being; to be the outlaw of Sky and Ground. You can go down from Olympe to find no consolation among the Man or the Animal and to belong in no kingdom without counting but Hades. You move station at the station, leaving only one trail of pain behind you.

Thursday 9 October 2008


The dolphins are marine mammals descended of the terrestrial ones and are often regarded as one of the most intelligent animals of all. The name is at the origin of the old Greek to be interpreted like 'fish with a womb'. The majority of the dolphins have the acute sight, both in and out of water, and their direction of hearing is higher than that of the human ones.

Serge Gainsbourg - Sea Sex and Sun

The dolphins also show the cultural behaviour, something thought a long time to be a single quality with the human ones. Dolphins are known to have the sex for reasons other than reproduction, engaging sometimes also in the acts of a homosexual nature, and known to begin in the sexual behaviour with other species of dolphin, this having also resulted in various hybrid species from dolphin like city previously.

The sexual meetings can be violent, with the male dolphins sometimes showing the aggressive behaviour towards the two females and other male dolphins. From time to time, the dolphins will also show the sexual behaviour towards other animals, including the human ones.

Royal Trux - Luminous Dolphin

(Mercies special and high dedication go to the Crusher of Wesley to provide materials of above fascination and caution.)

Tuesday 7 October 2008


A safari is a voyage on ground. It usually refers to a voyage by tourists in Africa, traditionally for a hunting with large-play and in more modern times to observe and photograph the big game and any other fauna like holidays of safari. There are a certain topic or model related on the word, which include khaki clothing, the girdled jackets of bush, the helmets of marrow or the hats of slouch, and to the animal skin-like the skin of the leopard.

Barrabas - Wild Safari

The pith and the khaki of Hollister Hovey never leave her, for she is always on the safari. It is not a voyage through Serengeti, although, but an odyssey by the heart never-leaf of the time of the darkness. Mrs. Hovey will not forget the past even while the ocean of time drives the car into the future. Those which grind an eye into history better are laid out for the strange lions which are located in waiting - not to be afraid to join its forwarding.

Holy Fuck - Safari

Friday 3 October 2008


Rubik, the astonishing cube was a magic cube which could fly by the air and had other special powers. Rubik could only come living when the coloured places on its sides had been matched upwards.

Rubik had fallen out of diligence of a bad magician, and this magician was the principal gangster in all the exposure. Rubik helped three child of same parent-Carlos, LISA, and Reynaldo Rodriguez-in thwarting the attempts of the magician to recover Rubik. Once, Rubik was recovered by a detective who was a relative of the magician, but in addition decided that the children should keep Rubik because the magician would employ it for bad and egoistic goals.

Faux Fox - Wizard of the Cube

Apart from bad magician, the episodes usually dealt with more normal adversaries, as when the oldest son had run afoul of a despot who had thwarted his efforts to gain a potential friend, whereas at the same time the despot was made seem decent with the girl. Rubik had functioned in the secrecy to expose the true brutal personality of the despot in front of the girl.

The children of Rodriguez were completely capable to solve the cubes of Rubik, making often thus with only some movements, even for the configurations which were impossible to solve that quickly, although in stressing circumstances that took them longer. Sometimes even the animals would solve the cube, just as quickly that the children could. It was salutary since Rubik regularly became completely simply scrambled while being dropped, being seized by the dog of family, etc. Rubik was also first Saturday exposure of cartoon of morning to comprise the Hispanic children like principal characters.

In agreement with the Hispanic savour of the exposure, the song of topic was made by the band Puerto Rican Menudo of boy.

Menudo - Subete A Mi Moto

Wednesday 1 October 2008


The streets of the big city hold a power above the world which is magnetic, as if the Empire State Building itself is a large post which affects the events around the sphere.

To look beyond the splendid skyscrapers and the constellation of lights, and under glitz and charm of the high city, you will find reality. Among the ruins of the buildings of decomposition, the crumble of the walls, refuse and fouls, neon and glass beat a mysterious heart and violent one. Palpitation by it is always the vital element of New York.

Troops of teenager of street, Brazilian, the other, Puerto Rican, battle for the territory of drug in 'Mixed Blood' of Paul Morrissey. The points were composed by 'Sugar-Coated' Andy Hernandez, aka, Coati Mundi, who is featured in 'Downtown 81', a film about Jean Michel Basquiat and his contemporaries of Manhattan. Hernandez was also a member of King Creole and the Coconuts.

'Mixed Blood' movie trailer here.

Coati Mundi - K Pasa-Pop

Coati Mundi - Prisoner of My Principal (Instrumental)