Sunday 28 December 2008


L'avventura(The adventure) is a film of the 1960 Italians directed from Michelangelo Antonioni and developed from its action plan it begins them. It has a novelistic structure in which a mystery there centers apparently important gradually is forgotten and left not resolved. The history begins like two young women, Anna(Lea Massari) and Claudia(Monica Vitti), gathering in on for a travel of the yacht. Going to take to the lover Sandro(Gabriel Ferzetti) of Anna, the three join two rich braces from Rome on the boat and wrap in on visit Lisca Bianca, a volcanic island nearly unpopulated outside from the shoreline of the Sicily, in which Anna makes an extension of trouble and boredom with sometimes puerile Sandro. After napping on cliffs, they are waked up in order to find that Anna has gone without a trace.

Wednesday 24 December 2008


The ancient habits survived in the rural regions of Austria, of Switzerland, of Bavaria, of Slovenia, of Western Croatia and Italy in the form of dance, art, processions, ritual and plays. High regional diversity is a result of the mutual insulation of the Alpine communities. In the Alps, the relationship between the Roman Catholic church and paganism were ambivalent. While some habits only survived in the valleys remotely inaccessible to the influence of the church, other habits were actively comparable during the centuries. In the light of the rural population of reduction in the Alps, much of habits transformed themselves into more modern interpretations.

Video by the Quartz of George:

Monday 22 December 2008


Picnic at Hanging Rock is a film of mystery of 1975 Australian directed by Peter Weir, adapted novel of the same name. It is famous for its will have idyllic, strange soundtrack, and enigmatic and nondefinite history.

The scenario, adapted by Cliff Green of novel of Joan Lindsay, tells the history of the mysterious disappearance of three schoolgirls and their professor during a picnic with a known geological formation under the name of Hanging Rock the Day of Valentine in 1900. The reason of their agency of disappearance, by human, normal the or supernatural one, is never discovered, but their disappearance has a major effect on everyone in their community.

Monday 15 December 2008


Our friends, the gangsters of the town of dirtiness, Faux Fox, were frozen and broke by the omnipotent strange magician of the noise, Weird Tapes, and gathered in beautiful glosses of ice. To hear the phantoms in the transparent chimes of wind, to feel the cold, to bite your lip, and to embrace the infinite one:

Faux Fox - Personal Best (Weird Tapes Version)


Into the great classic of Ingmar Bergman, Persona, an actress falls silence during a performance and left in the care a young nurse to the house summer the doctor. The nurse finds comfort by sharing her thoughts most secret her mute patient, but realizes later that she simply is observed - and absorptive. Both become inextricably dependent in this account on psychological suspense.

Sunday 14 December 2008


Evening Sunday in Denton, Texas:

'The once a month video thing at Dan's Silver Leaf is happening again this Sunday, December 14th.

It's free, and it starts at 10:30PM.

Bess Lomax Howes, 1967 (18 min.)

Filmed by anthropologist Bess Lomax Howes (daughter of musicologist John Lomax, and sister of Alan), PIZZA PIZZA DADDY-O looks at continuity and change in girls' playground games at a Los Angeles school in 1967. The players are a dozen African American fourth-grade girls (9 - 10 years old).

Songs and games performed include: My Boyfriend Gave Me a Box, Mighty, Mighty Devil, My Mother Died, This-A-Way Batman, and Pizza Pizza Daddy-O.

The Monument of Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder
Allie Light and Irving Saraf, 1983 (29 min.)

At age 71, Chief Thunder lives in the Nevada desert with his young wife and small children in The Monument, a concrete and stone house he built and decorated with powerful forms and arches. His sculptures, "spirits of the living," portray Indian heroes, family, and friends. He created the monument when a voice spoke in a dream. The film captures the tragedy of his life, his painful isolation, the beauty of his work, and his creative process.

Various, 1970-1971 (60 min.)

A collection of early psych and prog rock from Germany in the 1970s.

Featuring: Amon Duul II, CAN, Xhol Caravan, Kraftwerk, Lucifer’s Friend, Ton Schiene Scherben, Frumpy, Guru Guru, Emergency, Joy Unlimited, Kin Ping Meh, and more.'

Friday 12 December 2008


The New Agent of La Maladie, Cheree Cheree, will visit soon the last exposure of art in New York by Evan Gruzis, and turns over with a report/ratio blazing on the exposure most soon.

Roxy Music - Avalon (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)

Moreover, evening this Saturday the Quartz of George will pay a visit in Dallas with the gallery of Road Agent to be pilot last work of Margaret Meehan. The mental images mirrored in his spirit will be reflected by cosmos and projected eye jeweled of Oracle.

Burl Ives - Big Rock Candy Mountain

Tuesday 9 December 2008


Their world occurred for always. Their world does not include you. Not to enter their world for it is a world of the gods without your God.

Monday 8 December 2008



F For Fake (French: Vérités et Mensonges) is the last principal film achieved by Orson Welles. At the beginning released in 1974, it concentrates on the racontage of Elmyr de Hory, and of his career as a professional forger of art. The history of Hory is used as context with a research on natures of the occupation of author and with an authenticity rapids and curving, as well as the base of the value of Article.

Far from serving as documentary traditional on Elmyr de Hory, the film also incorporates the companion Oja Kodar, notorious of Welles, 'hoax-biographer' Clifford Irving, and Orson Welles himself, in an autobiographical role.

Thursday 4 December 2008


Colours were invited to require leaving and no more are necessary or are desired on this plane. Violence became the language of the existence and the human beings are at ease. It is in these shaded gray walls of future-current as we know it now that people fight to feel alive in a world beyond the irony where life and dying became an ordinary joke. Some of these troops, strange of the youth of the crystals of forms, and forgiveness of contact of street, in a such a malevolent and serious way become free of the trappings of the quo of statute. They touch beyond this era and note that their heating always beats in fantastic and timeless rates/rhythms.

Darktown Strutters had been born in a ditch and grew average like prostitutes of children. They did not have any relatives and survived with syringes used of drug, bad pills, and meat of the derrières of their customers. They were piranha with two legs; difficult, the JUVENILE (TONIGHT) humanoids which became human. They found their way the day when they stumbled on, burned in bottom of the church. Inside was a organ body, intact by the flame, and a BABY GODZILLA, who became his name.

In the negative act of bronzing in the rougeoyant moonlight, two bodies became an animal. A flame was drawn from the sky in the
SUFFOCATION, reversed in the ground sanctified before the glass pyramid. Sand was flaring and was left a beautiful and terrifying White Ring. Once touched, this ring would emit the noises of not the difference in tortures of the Sky and the pleasures of the Hell. Now Lucifer laughed nervously and made beautiful angels of snow, while Christ drew her three-pronged fork ahead and deeply plunged it in the heart of all the known things and made screamed 'WE ROTN!'. Hot red blood poured outside and became cold, pure, and white.