Tuesday 29 July 2008


Both like the mirror, Mie and Kei appeared simultaneously almost in the World, found each other directly. Vague, however it is felt, when mostly slept, looked at dream, from those same delegations where two sends those from opposite side just as it was each one which is programmed. But to the schoolgirl who Japanese of group Shizuoka Prefecture it is laughed secretly, this common dream seems like obligation or destiny, from greatly it seems that a little is. That like the pleasure simply seems the way.

This dream that Mie and Kei discovered special music talent, starts becoming simultaneously substance. The silver make light/write of stage, in order for the sunlight to raise usual existence, raises those. They came to those easily, when you want to do, as for every ability and the talent which are the people of this world, and to share that gift, it is rich.

By the dance which is close in song and perfection is adjusted, the Mind and the Eternal Youth of Happiness were informed as Pink Lady, it was carried easily by the duo which connects consciousness because it becomes the external personality which it is difficult to solve. Pink Lady, like the hip metronome which is made happily in a trance, the directly new personnel, charming melody, and winds thing captured of Japan the centre of the optimistic people and the imagination eternally.

Pink Lady - UFO

When similar that is young, is old with splendid condition singing, when it is Miraculous Year, it proves. The cord/code poem like 'UFO','Inspector Pepper' and 'Wanted' make history and those of largest Aidoru, has connected the idol singer with the cement. The Troop of the Chameleon, where the pleasure is splendid, the soldier and freedom extend from in the world. Pink Lady, the world remainder because of her, proves finally, but started actualising her delegation of the world.

That Thomas Jerome Newton endeavored in order to recover the water in the planet which dies, simultaneously it is overcome and many by degradation, but the paranoia of this one is perplexed to the Pink Lady road, it was. Mie and Kei as a complete world of complete combination and love gradually, made one time so disjointed, praise started attaching those. And Newton's way, final sound recording is useful in the sound recording which sends Odyssey those as message 'Good-Bye'.

Pink Lady of the Jail of Money which is forcing in the Prostitute of the Smile which for the product which in Japan, those exceeding one time reputation and truth, can sell to the culture which does not have the necessity because of the thing with something the Corporation and all is thought becomes was designated as the slave. It planned, the agency which is calculated started being in order to boost the popularity which turns Japan more just vis-a-vis those. There was no selection in Pink Lady, but with desire of restarting you go away from the house in another seashore.

In America, as for that being desire it seems the way. It seems that they their gorgeousness, for contagion characteristic celebration song found new stage, as for the world developed for the second time in those. However, as for that and it turns permanently exactly as directly. Those could not give the cord/code poem of native language and, being vulgar you cannot understand, it was forcing in meaningless dialogue. As her freedom and a spontaneous characteristic, Pink Lady, which suffered, was decreased.

Those two parts are destroyed, America turned the back section, it died being half because therefore selection is broken in Pink Lady. Like many dreams, this between two best friends who atrophy gradually from memory, it is shared. Still, Mie and Kei, you have lived still and give them to the gift, please love the fact that, therefore it shares Pink Lady, cannot be reset to life under any condition.

Length of the old efficiency where as for delegation you see from that Miraculous Year of what which is, perhaps, you ask 'That perhaps it failed, how?'.

Heavyheartedly, perhaps the world never you know.


Edfray said...

Your French to English translation engine is missing badly.

Anonymous said...

From which, Pink Lady can never know! Be your own way in heart twice! (Buttsteak).

- Jeff.

Zane Wooder said...

You made my day. I love Japanese music. Thanks for getting me exposed to more of it.

-Zane of ontario honey

Louis said...

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