Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Your friend George Quartz has freed himself from the bloody cave flashing dirty face and hands to you with these small tokens of his affection. He spent a lot of time far away in silhouette beneath the surface of the island formed by ancient tools, these translucent statues. Please be careful, their habits are jagged and very sharp touch screen, as well as lighting and sound, which reflects the untrained can be a strange feeling.....

George Quartz - Ruf Reliks #1 (Master EP)

Track the list
1 Bad Timing (Opening Titles)
2 Cotton Coffin
3 Nightclub Pursuit Sequence
4 Pentagram
5 Butterscotch

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*Eternal thanks for album beautiful art by the legendary cosmic magician, owleyes, who sees all the universes at the same time from the vantage of the astral plane....

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