Tuesday, 19 January 2010


'A double relation is accentuated by mental processes leaping from one character to another--or is marked by the fact that the subject identifies himself with something else, so that he is in doubt as to which his self is.'

-Sigmund Freud, 1919

'Then, almost by rote, as if I’ve been programmed, I reach for
Body Double — a movie I have rented thirty-seven times — and walk up to the counter....'

-Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

Pino Donaggio - Body Double (Bootleg Original Version)

Been reflected in many mirrors in your face, how much is real? Is there any real, or is or encryption? This is a very long time, the problem has been questioned. However, a different character in the movie, do you like those related to the book? You take a snippet from the biographies of other people just what applies to you? What has been in your image, a jagged portion, please refer to stare at what? Will anyone ever know?

It is true, just 'blank'?

*The large thanks for Sean at arawa for the find music.