Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Amazulu - Moonlight Romance

Amazulu - Montego Bay

You feel like a new era with a fresh and positive life with a clean slate ready to start. Life is struggle in the past, and if your 'ship finally to have come from hope'. However, it is some time away before there is a beautiful place to travel and tourism can break again. However, the routine must feel the ground is not cold in the frigid winter. Many sights and smells of a tropical island, and bathed in the warmth of the sun, is surrounded by the azure sea, is within reach. You still take a moment, leave it in any way 'can be in the recall'. Your imagination can take you anywhere.

Special of gratitutde for Sean Donson at arawa.fm for tracks.
More of thanks to u n t h r i l l e d.


Hintinit said...

2guud 2bfrgtn!

Anonymous said...

That song Cairo is amazing. I really like it. I want to listen to it while I exercise now. So inspiring. I love the bass.

-Zane of ontario honey