Thursday, 31 December 2009


This year, not different of all decade, if you use one single constant struggle, as well as juggling act between many different projects, is a personal relationship. Life is difficult, almost impossible to find a balance. What will come of all crashes when you start noticing that your foundation is cracked. Romantic relationship is the most damaged in this ambition.

Robert Palmer - Johnny and Mary

However, you can move it if you want. The above does not work and pleasure, most importantly, please do not put the resolutions in front of her lover. You must pursue this always follow your dreams, if they do not much care injuries. On the highway of time you are moving so fast, but fast to find something you like in the future most dear. You are sowing seeds that come to fruition in the next year and more to come. If you can learn to enjoy the rewards of those, you can find happiness in the end.

Kraftwerk - Autobahn

*Thanks and thanks of special to Kris for video #1 and to M for video #2.