Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Pere Ubu - On The Surface

Recently, you see some of those close to you, and trying to live up to the image constructed artificially. They live in the clothes of lies, and strive to convince the world that this is true. Many people, fraud, and the appearance of the surface enough that it does not want to know the people around them other trivialities. You have seen the negative impact that occurs when you do not match the external and internal. Unfortunately, it led to violence, as if from a cartoon.

However, you are of minority who can see through this interface. As you know, as long as you can remember how to express to you the peace of mind to the dream of your own personal expectations. This is a nice skill to have this self-clear language, to express our sincere, when, no matter how abstract, is the voice of the Universe.

* Thanks eternal of video for Aleks of Discodust.

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