Monday, 11 January 2010


Now, your new life, the next stage, which begins with the rocky start to begin. New personality you want to accept a new face. Others want to loosen the reins of their own to go - simply happy puppet, unpretentious, exist as free to release the magic of your soul. However, in order to maximize you, it must be able to trust the figures have not happened yet.

T. Rex - Electric Slim & the Factory Hen

You live in a new body, which meat was a defendant in this fictitious person. He needed to see what happens actually knew was destroyed by a lack of preparation and imagination and this sad plot. Like the real life, you need to practice to avoid such pitfalls and surprises, but in your first steps, if any improvement is certainly the last to give up.

Images via the impossible cool.
Video via micahwave.

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Anonymous said...

I notice that back in the 60's they were willing to make sad movies. You look at movies like Midnight Cowboy and that kind of stuff would never happen now. Movies were more real back then.

-Zane of ontario honey