Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Now is the time to show all. Raise the lights to your lover, if you have not already, all the detail you are asked to refer to all the fine nuances. This is a look at how love and live like any black box recorder records the image in your mind is to leave on quest for long after the collapse of your future generations.

This is how to form a ghost, watching people do not understand the mental and bizarre imagination. These images of the future will be released into the air the night of gods may look like metal. And people do not understand, they fear a return to the beauty of the attack is asked by a small child to sleep with light for this reason.

Wave Machines - Keep The Lights On (Metal On Metal Remake)

*Space of Metal On Metal here.
*Space of Wave Machines here.
*Images via Nolands Glord.

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