Sunday, 24 August 2008


It is the third installment of the Danish artist brilliant, Martha Hviid, about the history of the rock of her country:

MARTHA: so now I'm going to tell you about a band called kliché.

a lot of danish music is regarded kitsch or bad taste by danes that care a lot about music. kliché somehow avoided that. people still go nuts when "Militskvinder" gets played at parties. I guess they have a lot of talking heads, bowie and devo in them, but they are still looked upon as highly original and they have inspired a lot of new bands in denmark.

Kliché - Militskvinder
Kliché - Havets Blå

I found this video about them. whoo, subtitles!

I'm sending you four songs. two from each album they made. notice that they only sang in danish, but on "Bravo Charlie" they sing in NATO's phonetic alphabet.

Kliché - Bravo Charlie
Kliché - Pil På Himlen

so, what's next? danish late 80s/ early 90s pop, right? and then eurovision. just so you're not waiting your heart out for it; I'm not going to tell you about aqua, laidback, whigfield or any of that stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I love to hear your taste in music and what you like. Thanks for sharing this with us. I'll check out the band. I love danish music.

-Zane of ontario honey