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You were already told of Martha Hviid, the brilliant and good artist friendly of Denmark. Martha is very quite informed about the music rock'n'roll and has to say much to us sonic history of her native soil. The following dialogue was taken of a Martha message sent to the quartz of George. It is the first part of a continuous series.

SODS - Copenhagen

MARTHA: it's the first danish punk band. I think the song is from 77 or something like that. the singer only has one arm. there's always been a lot of arguing over which band was the the first punk band in denmark, SODS or No Knox. my friends hang out with peter peter who was the guitarist in SODS. I recently saw his new band, they play sort of epic surf mixed with kraut country, if you can imagine that. one of the guys from No Knox is now a soundguy, who I get along with very well. he did the sound when we put up the boredoms and stuff like that.

you should see this, very good glimpse of the danish punk scene:

I'll translate what they're saying.

>>yes, ABBA is and will always be a clean natural product that makes life worth smelling again. isn't that right?

>>there's lots of ways to draw attention to oneself.

>>ah. we're going to get some punk now.

>>yesyesyes, take it easy, you're giving me a crisis. but it's true, we're going to get some punk here in pop 79'. punk music, the simple, raw, clean rock music that brings us back to the 60s, where The Kinks and The Who let go. the genre is british, but we're going to present you to something of a speciality here; a danish punkband.
let us introduce, in punk-cosmorama, Århus' answer to something like everything : LOST KIDS!

-first song

>>that was "coca cola freaks", now we'll play "rådden dig" (rotten you)

-second song

>>punk on danish tv, maybe for the first and the last time.
that was real århusian raw cosiness punk from skolegade or somewhere
around that place in Århus. that was Lost Kids and two of their
numbers "cola freaks" and "rådden dig", Lost Kids under conduction by
Jan Jet.
I've often been asked what raw cosiness really means. raw cosiness in
the the punk version means flogging (that's actually how to translate
the word he uses) down lager in the sewer; us punks, right.
now for the counterpart of punk, the new british pop knights Racy and
their breakthrough song "lay your love on me".

this film was made in the nineties, but is a classic because it's about danish punk. if you can find it anywhere with subtitles I think you would really enjoy it.

for our next class I'm going to tell you about the seventies in denmark. I'll find some danish hippie music and some psych, and I'll tell you about the band my dad was in. they were very famous, and are now part of danish music history because of their political lyrics.

till then..


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That's pretty cool that they are the first Danish punk band.

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