Saturday, 23 August 2008


The quartz of George, in his own words, begins a new segment of weekend today. This will reappear with the leisures of the Director himself:

GEORGE: Of course, as everyone who knows me can attest, I'm not usually one to toot my own horn. However, it seems that I, inadvertently, reignited the summer drink phenomenon known as the 'Albino Aristocrat' this past evening. I can't say that I mind, though, and it's really a sublime way to make the transition from summer into Autumn.

I first concocted the 'Aristo'(as noted teetotaler, Marlon Brando, was keen to calling it) while crashing with John Paul Getty and Talitha Pol in Marrakesh in 1969. We all needed something light and refreshing to calm down the psychedelic demons we had conjured only hours before. Most of the spirits had been liquidated by the regular guests and hangers-on, so there was little to choose from. However, those few leftover materials, along with the mushroom-induced apparition of a floating costume(powdered wig, lace cravat, and velveteen waistcoat)that was still haunting me, led to, I believe, the greatest beverage creation of the past 100 years.

Glass Candy - Last Night I Met A Costume

It's quite simple to make really. I invite you to try yourself, or seek out the professional assistance of your trusted local pub personnel. And if it's anything at all like the absolute craze that this summertime drink started in Ibiza in 1970, before you know it, everyone around you will be sipping the same crystal-clear sensation.

Albino Aristocrat

Ingredients to use:
5 oz. 7-Up (Sprite will do, I suppose, and if you're watching your figure as I am, then you may certainly substitute with a diet version)

2 oz. White Rum (I suggest Appleton or 10 Cane, though Bacardi or Captain Morgan will suffice in a pinch)

1 maraschino cherry (It has been hotly debated in serious drinking circles whether or not to use two cherries, since the drink is a double and the cherry, of course, represents the eye of the Albino himself. It's really up to you, but I will say this: The ghostly fop from that fever dream of mine had only one bulging and bloody eye that would never blink or turn away!)

Directions: Fill a Highball glass with nine ice cubes. Pour 7-Up and white rum into the Highball glass. Stir well, garnish with the maraschino cherry, and serve. (Variation: In lieu of cherry, sprinkle powdered sugar over the mouth of the glass. Now you have a 'Powdered Wig' - rumoured to be a favorite of Richard Nixon during the Watergate debacle.

Enjoy, and don't forget to leave your own unique recipes in the comments section!


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Anonymous said...

I don't drink alcohol although my friend wants to try this. thanks for sharing man.

-Zane of ontario honey