Friday, 22 August 2008


From which do they come, these brilliant and mysterious stars of another place? They find their way in the world and, just like the Obelisk, they indicate the manner of new beginnings, another future of the infinite possibility.

Metalmags - Lotta Love

Metalmags is such a being. She travelled of another system to help the terrestrial beings simple to learn how to dream and reach for the skies. Her strange and soft sorcery is fed by the interstellar constellations, although she can feed with far from neon to survive the atmosphere of this world. Using her Ambassador worthy of confidence, there is no dimension which she cannot penetrate and no cosmic flower that she cannot bring to the full bloom.

It is possible to receive her transmissions here and here. Send your love and be however reward you with the beauty the unknown.

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Anonymous said...

You gotta love sci fi. The stories are always full of imagination.

-Zane of ontario honey