Thursday, 14 August 2008


The soft and reserved Baby Sloth Spirit will appear before your strabism and eyes inflated in an holographic bubble chamber of indicator on the inter-dimensional border between the end of this world and the beginning of the next one. Tomita took BRITE of RAINBOW like prisoner and Lolita laid out and led her via Lamborghini with its pyramid of undulation deeply in the Volcano of Time. A party is then thrown, a ceremony where only the strangest habits reign. [Listen]

Baby Sloth Spirit - F L T R M R

The staircases seem glowing in the catacombs with neon while the armour-plated misadventures of Three 6 members of Maffia as they become the crystalline statues and gather the phantom of Walter Carlos with the remainders of the brain of mother. [Listen]

Baby Sloth Spirit - Roller Blade Warriors

The slovos to attach ribbon adhesive-ranges of scandalmongering androïdes of BORN from its glass fibre lips as a its languid and sexy plague members approximately in this rigid way that only the beautiful statues can. With the apex of the night, when all the guests are wet and dreaming of the treat, food, and the sex, the Phantom of the Opera himself appears. [Listen]

Baby Sloth Spirit - Z

He reduces by the teeth out of glass because as a laser in furs, for he is not any other than Vangelis. And the Baby Sloth Spirit pours outside his veins cut out in sections as a red wine in the carpet of cuddly toy. The New Age will now start. [Listen]

Baby Sloth Spirit - Arecibo Observatory

Free album download courtesy of Baby Sloth Spirit.


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