Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Inside the dream, while the tape runs majestic Memory Cassette its sound, perfect sunlight caress the softness of the skin and a slight cool breeze calm, your enthusiasm builds as you go through the sand chalk white stick in hand, to greet the tide and to tame the wilderness of the sea.

With the help of the natural force called Weird Tapes you will experience the adventure like never before you pull the loop and drive straight into the conduct of the cosmos. The constellations you get more with their infinite magnetism, the formation of your image in the heavens and sends you through all time and space fragrant. Fresh spray refreshes your senses as the gentle hand of Neptune lifts you from one world to another. Nubile nymphs seductions sweet whispers in your ear gently kissed the veins of pure gold to your cheeks. A powerful sense of calm takes place in you as you begin to understand that everything is right with the Universe.

Memory Cassette - Surfin (Weird Tapes Version)

As if the day before in a more prescient mind, a head full of knowledge surrealist, and felt a perfect body skating through short waves of eternity, you realize that you have returned to land, although as you have changed beyond your wild imagination. People flock to welcome you in a foreign language that the eyes seem to understand that snap vivid colors unknown in point. They call you 'Sail A Whale' and you are the incarnation of their prophecy, centuries old and are a god of pure, ecstatic energy. The command of the sea, and stars above, vibrate at your fingertips.

Memory Cassette - Surfin (Sail A Whale Version)

To hold stars falling in hand that become Memory Cassette, touch here.

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much obliged for the musical adventures

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You are very welcome, sir. I have added a link to you, btw....