Thursday, 16 July 2009


Across the board, two sets of iron lock eyes in a quiet area during the game fight remaining pieces. In this rare case, however, both opponents have of same strategy: poetic impasse.

Jake Schrock is the dark architect of wet neon-stained streets that cut glowing trail ghettos of hot steam and the cold light of tough foreign - strange cityscapes where no one is safe and always alone. George Quartz is the solitary player cracked and lost in this urban nightmare(shot on location), teeth rattle the strange summer chill, fever and a method role gone amok: Chess master, Casanova, unscrupulous masher.... lycanthrope? Who is the face reflect the shop mannequin's staring blank?

'Oh my god, it still happens....'

This is town Schrock and no way to easy out.

Schrock & Quartz - Modern Prodigy

George Quartz will appear with Personal Victories Saturday night this. More information will come.


Nicole said...

OooO I love this.

georgie said...

S&Q are pleased that you enjoyed it, Nicole!