Wednesday, 29 July 2009


What is the descendant of a major disaster heavens and what caused the rupture of the sky? What happened to the citizens and how did you keep to life when so many have fallen under the rain cap black ash swirling from that of an angry volcano and invisible? Is it the umbrella supernatural that saved you?

Why your beautiful garden is with fresh green ivy and Misty Roses, while all others are still covered in gray filth and death? As flickering silver winged beings appear you and whisper siren songs around your neck, how can you be sure you did all survive? Are you calling from phones beyond the other side? Is there anyone left on the line you heard?

Misty Roses - Clouded Sulphur

'Villainess' to be offered 1 September 2009 here.


Embrace the night with Phantastes, Survive, Florene, and h...n.

*To be of update, Phantastes will no appear for the evening, by decree of gods cruel.

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