Friday, 17 July 2009


Strange four men whose faces were unknown and language model form hoods insatiable fanaticism. These beings are too few to be a sect, a band of plus or packages of rabid dingoes, but the worship of gods of the dimension like no sound before. They hover in satin glass pyramids monk habit in their dirty and esoteric instruments wings in flight confectionery dream of happiness.

They form the walls of the vibration and fury around their figurehead strange, the mysterious mildy George Quartz, transforming gentleman of the beast in the shape to the concept of blowing air on the ears of newborn kittens.

Come and be part of the celebration, the strange friendship, ritual renewal of the carousel. Crush amethyst in the figures of the bloody Pentagram. Allow them to your Personal Victories as well.

Arrive to Chat and to make the experience with as Fight Bite, Great Tyrant, Akkolyte, Darktown Strutters, and Eat Avery's Bones.

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