Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack - When We Grow Up

'Free to Be.... You and Me' record albums and a picture songbook for children, first published in November 1972, and later in 1974 a TV special, featuring songs and stories from Celebrity (wins as 'Marlo Thomas and Friends'). Through poetry, songs and sketches, the basic idea will salute values such as individualism, tolerance, and happiness by using identical; larger thematic message, that anyone, whether boy or a girl, can achieve anything one wants.

This album was the classic type of worship across the U.S. with many children on the 1970s.

Rosey Grier - It's Alright To Cry

Television special first aired March 11, 1974, On-ABC, with revenues of 18.6 rating/27 share and went on to win the Emmy. 16 mm copies of the special was also hit, and several schoolchildren from the 1970s and 1980s remember seeing the TV special schools are expected during that time.

SPECIAL appear occasionally on HBO On-1980s. Also, they saw the cable channel TV Land, but did not see any network since.

Kris Kristofferson and Friends - Circle of Friends

LP of soundtracks to be found here.

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Anonymous said...

I always loved the tv special although I was really young at the time it aired.

-Zane of ontario honey