Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Anniversaries are a time of celebration and reflection. A year is short in the scope of existence, but many events occur in this space of time. Old friends get closer in or unfortunately escape. New friends come in a box and change the path in life, comes a bright beam of hope for the future. Earth's rotation axis and the circle of the sun. Return is no return. This is the lifestyle and the increase of the illusion of the man called 'time'. Still, it has been to three, and it is up to his past.

George Quartz - Butterscotch

This spirit, this special day, there are one of small numbers of new and subtle lean to finally return the hand of George Quartz known as a mysterious director. First, the lullaby of spring and then the sound of two different crystals as this is the first day of a year of appearance before.

George Quartz - Pentagram

George Quartz - Theme From Divorce Quartz


jane* said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LMT-the new song is great, george.

georgie said...

thank you, janie! your expertise here has been magical and very much appreciated.


ps please tell kanye i said 'hello'!