Monday, 20 April 2009


Bad Timing, Nicolas Roeg 1980 film, directed and produced by Jeremy Thomas. The title of the film is used for his album Bad Timing Jim O'Rourke musicians.

In Vienna, a young American woman is 20 (Theresa Russell), are gathered after the overdose to the emergency room. Alex Linden, an American psychiatrist (Art Garfunkel) education in Vienna. Fragment of a series of flashbacks, sexual obsession through the film is the story of a romance. The woman, Milena, it still suffers from depression from time to time to see many older men to cross the border (Denholm Elliott) has married. Linden, your lifestyle includes the relationship between excessive alcohol consumption and other men, I like the first way to increase the fatigue of his free spirit. He is in control and she tries to spy Milena. The hospital, the investigator (Harvey Keitel), rather than be ruled a suicide attempt and five on Monday. If he can, and Linden Research, tries to confess to a crime problem.


Vanity Cheri said...

hmmmmm- hence thé title "bad timing".
Im wondering your stance on foreign movies like belle de jour and leila khaled 'hijacker' and thé unforgettable la dolce vita.

Or la femme nikita.

Très brut.

As aways lovely blog.

Vanity Cheri

georgie said...

hi vanity --

i'm always down for some buñuel and fellini - two of my favorites. i have not seen hijacker, but certainly will now. lfn i saw a while ago, but remember enjoying thoroughly. sexy assassins generally rate pretty high with me. speaking of sexy - nice blog - a link will be in place shortly!

thanks for commenting....