Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Darker Dreamer is to travel the mysterious region beyond time and space, of the intelligence pyramid mirrors evoke and explore the unknown world of the fiery plane grid stars. Please check with the innocent eyes of her hand to shield the precious metal for you now here new:


Thru the gates of forever and into the frozen vapours of Mannattan's minimal electronic monolith in the night, Further Reductions, Shawn Devin (of Led Er Est knowings) and collaborateur Katie Rose are weaving a web of reverberatory wonderment. One of not just a few of the minimal synth couple outfit armies to emerge from New York's ever living and breathing clan of the same epithet, this masculine/feminine dream drone dichotomy's synthesized incantations drift like gleaming analog jewels of dark incandescent dance dew. Voices with the echoes of youth sung wistfully into in the well and steeped in the myst of minor discord float inside Familiar Flights.

Committing aural projections in the register of all ears human within the walls of the House of Bells under waxing crescent moon 29 April 2009.

Further Reductions - Familiar Flights

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could of seen them live back in the day.

-Zane of ontario honey