Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Austrian designer Carol Poell Christian connects energies spiritual, mental, major, with energies real, physical, material, conscious, and terrestrial. It is a miracle to behold in his collections the theoretical and practical vision: an instinctive binary method dissolving the sensory beauty.

Process horse skin until it becomes transparent?
Phallus pants? Human hair?
Color your leathers with ox blood? Fix your seams with duct tape? Glass fiber coats?
Presentations in the Paris Kennel, a slaughterhouse?
Float your models down the Naviglio Grande?

The aesthetic answer in his work cannot help being multidimensional given the variety of elements used , to engage every sense 
 and suspending,questioning of the act of "dressing up" and its interactions with human nature..and our internal vitality..

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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think people are going to wrinkle up their cloths and wear it as a fashion statement. People around put holes in their jeans.

-Zane of ontario honey