Sunday, 28 December 2008


L'avventura(The adventure) is a film of the 1960 Italians directed from Michelangelo Antonioni and developed from its action plan it begins them. It has a novelistic structure in which a mystery there centers apparently important gradually is forgotten and left not resolved. The history begins like two young women, Anna(Lea Massari) and Claudia(Monica Vitti), gathering in on for a travel of the yacht. Going to take to the lover Sandro(Gabriel Ferzetti) of Anna, the three join two rich braces from Rome on the boat and wrap in on visit Lisca Bianca, a volcanic island nearly unpopulated outside from the shoreline of the Sicily, in which Anna makes an extension of trouble and boredom with sometimes puerile Sandro. After napping on cliffs, they are waked up in order to find that Anna has gone without a trace.

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