Thursday, 4 December 2008


Colours were invited to require leaving and no more are necessary or are desired on this plane. Violence became the language of the existence and the human beings are at ease. It is in these shaded gray walls of future-current as we know it now that people fight to feel alive in a world beyond the irony where life and dying became an ordinary joke. Some of these troops, strange of the youth of the crystals of forms, and forgiveness of contact of street, in a such a malevolent and serious way become free of the trappings of the quo of statute. They touch beyond this era and note that their heating always beats in fantastic and timeless rates/rhythms.

Darktown Strutters had been born in a ditch and grew average like prostitutes of children. They did not have any relatives and survived with syringes used of drug, bad pills, and meat of the derrières of their customers. They were piranha with two legs; difficult, the JUVENILE (TONIGHT) humanoids which became human. They found their way the day when they stumbled on, burned in bottom of the church. Inside was a organ body, intact by the flame, and a BABY GODZILLA, who became his name.

In the negative act of bronzing in the rougeoyant moonlight, two bodies became an animal. A flame was drawn from the sky in the
SUFFOCATION, reversed in the ground sanctified before the glass pyramid. Sand was flaring and was left a beautiful and terrifying White Ring. Once touched, this ring would emit the noises of not the difference in tortures of the Sky and the pleasures of the Hell. Now Lucifer laughed nervously and made beautiful angels of snow, while Christ drew her three-pronged fork ahead and deeply plunged it in the heart of all the known things and made screamed 'WE ROTN!'. Hot red blood poured outside and became cold, pure, and white.

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