Sunday, 14 December 2008


Evening Sunday in Denton, Texas:

'The once a month video thing at Dan's Silver Leaf is happening again this Sunday, December 14th.

It's free, and it starts at 10:30PM.

Bess Lomax Howes, 1967 (18 min.)

Filmed by anthropologist Bess Lomax Howes (daughter of musicologist John Lomax, and sister of Alan), PIZZA PIZZA DADDY-O looks at continuity and change in girls' playground games at a Los Angeles school in 1967. The players are a dozen African American fourth-grade girls (9 - 10 years old).

Songs and games performed include: My Boyfriend Gave Me a Box, Mighty, Mighty Devil, My Mother Died, This-A-Way Batman, and Pizza Pizza Daddy-O.

The Monument of Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder
Allie Light and Irving Saraf, 1983 (29 min.)

At age 71, Chief Thunder lives in the Nevada desert with his young wife and small children in The Monument, a concrete and stone house he built and decorated with powerful forms and arches. His sculptures, "spirits of the living," portray Indian heroes, family, and friends. He created the monument when a voice spoke in a dream. The film captures the tragedy of his life, his painful isolation, the beauty of his work, and his creative process.

Various, 1970-1971 (60 min.)

A collection of early psych and prog rock from Germany in the 1970s.

Featuring: Amon Duul II, CAN, Xhol Caravan, Kraftwerk, Lucifer’s Friend, Ton Schiene Scherben, Frumpy, Guru Guru, Emergency, Joy Unlimited, Kin Ping Meh, and more.'

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