Tuesday, 22 April 2008


If you in the glance of the mirror to fixedly which always reflects another mirror. See how it breaks the universe in the interminable prisms of reality and dream in infinite dimensions simultaneously. By using this logic, you until the open possibility that the life where you carry out is nothing more than one illusion projected on a screen; somebody of another manuscript, writing and transformed into film so that the world sees. After all, we support only players in the lives of others.... C. - with-D., unless we apprennions how to direct and hold the first role in the device.
The triptych of video below will show first hand the effects of the windows of the opening of the interior of the windows, and daring out of the lives where we think that we know in the lives without knowledge that we had lived all the length in other, of the darker places. Perhaps the factitious place and its invented characters are truer than the places and the people which we consider ' rectify '.

At the beginning, leave examine the concept of the director playing to us a director in the film which it directed. In Targets, Peter Bogdonovich is an ambitious indie of young person trying to finance his own project by a B-film collapse holding the first role a film of catch of ageing the first role. Which side of the mirror and which is the film is the true world? Even the young net of sniper cannot make the difference between the two Boris Karloffs staggering towards him - one while a gangster victorien projected on fabric towards its left - and the screen of hero to judge it role-turned initially ageing with its right....

After, direct your attention to François Truffaut extraordinarily filmed, Day for Night, an illusory limit of film in. Still, we see the director playing the director, stripping a flick obsolete of the studio which its spirit independent of déchainé would be hatred with the laiss. An ode with a film life.... ' people such you an I be only happy in our work '....

In conclusion, we take with seeming doppelgängers, which is all the suitable one that we look at the German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder who a more Beware of a Holy Whore. Here Fassbinder played a turn: It has an actor to play the part of the haunting director, while it plays cuckolded the producer! Surely it that the great pleasure observing its glare of similarity in the adjustments of the fury onscreen - however could it must never have been smelled to compete with the true article?

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