Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Children: Take guard of the signs and symbols for them will dance bus of the hiéroglyphes on the brilliant stone ways of the progress of your future.
In this vision of sleep unaired, not written, and unfilmed the episode of The Sopranos was indicated to me Élégant, played by James Gandolfini, was hospitalized. It is confronted with one doped tied up-outside, played soon by Axl Pink, Appetite of Circa for the Destruction.

After a first scuffle, Élégante easily subjects the young man who tells him the history in the way in which it came to the hospital. In a frantic voice, more or less even as the acute voice of the song of Axl, it explains how it ran of the police force in stolen Firebird Z-28 with diamond T-tops. It was at high speed drives out which finishes with metal collision and glass which sent the young man without knowledge and the young person girl friend nubile by the windshield and on the cap of the police car where she east quickly is thrown in addition to crushed under the wheels of the traffic.

Because young man says his history that it works in such levels alienated of hysteria that it must be retained by the giant orderlies and to be trailed in the corridor from where the dogs of police force break freely, or are let break freely, their owners. In the extreme horror, Élégant hears the noise of the dogs attacking and devouring the young man quickly.

With the Living Room of Radioactive Fallout in Dallas, the working membranes strange of Texas this evening exist to show bones of terror of blood in the disaster of particles of atom with hosts of Disquo Disco music of exposures and guests of special bloody boy and Prince William de Tommy of Children.

Tommy Boy Mix

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