Friday, 25 April 2008


Where would you be without your friends? The friends are those which are there when you need them more. The friends encourage you to the top when you are sad and the friends come to your delivery when you have troubles. The friends will be faithful at the end. Some friends, although, are really magic. They are friends who are certainly available to help - but much more because they have the people different from the special capacities. They can take much various kinds of forms - air, water, fire, sands, snakes, birds, crystals. They can go by walls, time of displacement, and see in the future. They are powerful and special, but also they love you.

It is very chance to have a magic friend. Kendra is Magick is a good friend to be had. You can say just by her name that she is, in fact, magic being. She has the capacity to exceed the hour and space to create the visions which surface as strange holograms before your naked eye. She travels in the worlds strange and alarming and is turned over with gifts of other odd places.

She designed the armour carried by the legions of horns, or Klaxons, as attaches crowned of a sonic book of charm by the gangsters of dirtiness, fox of counterfeit, known again once Faux Fox. It is a powerful creature this, if the obvious air and not made, really appears as a small woman. She is a magician savage, but is also spoken very gently and softens. Kendra is a magic friend, indeed.

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