Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Some friends live in other places and you never see them - perhaps never to have never seen you then. It could be because they live in other places or because they are phantoms or imaginary or simply invisible. These friends are special because it falls on you to employ your imagination to colour in the details absent about their aspect.

But with these kinds of friends you should not know behind so that they resemble or with the EC what them voice resembles. You can say by other things which they are the beautiful ones and good creatures. They astonish you with the messages which return you to it happy feeling or send gifts of their strange grounds to you.

Martha Hviid is of the Village of the Tatoos of Neck, in a magic place called Denmark. According to the chart of the world, Denmark is a true place and the people there speak Danish and fight the Bär in the forest. The men raise the moustache which is longer than the roads and the women never wear clothing because they do not know any shame. They only like to eat rich delicious chocolates and the extremely salted pieces of monster of sea hide. They like to play of the jokes on foreigners in their saying that the skin leathery is a clothes industry! Denmark is a marvellous place through the vast ones and deep oceans.

Martha is a being having odd of In particular which comprises her closing her eyes and falls in a fright. Only her hand moves with a pirn expenses-encrée of feather through the rice paper woven on trades with hand of Beijing. Exquisite descriptions in a fantastic way of the phantasmagoria of fever-dream are produced while young Martha trembles of the jolts in a state excited of zombification. The pig iron and cast iron of pieces of furniture around its and the volcanos bursts under the green sea. The men turn to wolves and sirens of women while the odd hiéroglyphes of Martha take their form.

Then, after has coma-like the sleep and a hot bath, this skilled girl-witch gives her creations in the world liberally. Three acclamations for Martha. She is really a magic friend.

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Question in the video why is the kid catching a rope? What's the meaning of that?

-Zane of ontario honey