Wednesday, 18 August 2010


The mirror is shattered, scattered with water tides moonlit beach. The sound of the jungle is eerie and hypnotic and strange footsteps coming from the water. Now the blood trail, a pool of shimmering glitter, costume, powdered wigs and razor fangs and roses await jewel eyes. They look at you. They let you eat. Your good friend Georgie is one of them. Now you, too.

Mortality goodbye, hello eternity - filled with champagne, exotic spacecraft.

Island of the Glampires

Tonight at 9pm

The Cavern
1914 Lower Greenville
Dallas TX

"Come celebrate a garishly glitzy evening of tropical fever dreams and blood-curdling screams among swaying palms and moonlit waters with George Quartz and his infamous 'After Hours' band.

Also featuring moonage daydreamers DJ Gabriel and Telegram Sam of the now legendary 'Away from the Numbers' parties, who will be smearing lipstick, blood and coconut oil all over the vinyl.

The entire space will be transformed from rock n' roll club to island paradise gone horribly, hideously, fantastically wrong by artist and shaman Lizzy Wetzel, best known for her controversial occult rituals and glitter-laden public orgies involving fur-cloaked figures, cryptozoological skeletons and power crystals.

Thematic costumes are strongly encouraged and those with the best look will be rewarded with immortal beauty and a never-ending tropical vacation.

Come just after sundown and stay forever. Free admission."


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