Tuesday 26 January 2010


Your friend George Quartz has freed himself from the bloody cave flashing dirty face and hands to you with these small tokens of his affection. He spent a lot of time far away in silhouette beneath the surface of the island formed by ancient tools, these translucent statues. Please be careful, their habits are jagged and very sharp touch screen, as well as lighting and sound, which reflects the untrained can be a strange feeling.....

George Quartz - Ruf Reliks #1 (Master EP)

Track the list
1 Bad Timing (Opening Titles)
2 Cotton Coffin
3 Nightclub Pursuit Sequence
4 Pentagram
5 Butterscotch

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*Eternal thanks for album beautiful art by the legendary cosmic magician, owleyes, who sees all the universes at the same time from the vantage of the astral plane....


Happy the one year anniversary the They Don't Call Them Lovers in High School, Leeland.

Friday 22 January 2010


The Dark Esquire - Situation (7'' Edit)

The Dark Esquire - Situation (CosmicVanCleefMix By JReading)

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Lucas Varga - Avellaneda Rider

Lucas Varga - Ghost Funk

*Mr. Varga to find here.

Tony Poland – Lay It On The Line Mix (Download here)

Track List:

1. Linkwood & House Of Traps – Barely Eagle Intro
2. The XX – VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)
3. Linkwood & House Of Traps – Barely Eagle
4. Sounds Superb – Psuedo Wind
5. M – Popmusik (Todd Terje Remix)
6. Duckbeats - Music (Don’t Stop)
7. Whomadewho - Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Hudson River Dub)
8. Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love
9. Joakim – Spiders (Astronomer Remix)
10. Tensnake – Coma Cat
11. Hot Chip – One Life Stand
12. Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance (Dixon Edit)
13. Tiga – Sex O’clock (Matias Aguayo Remix)
14. Roxy Music – Angel Eyes (Serge Santiago Remix)
15. Delorean – Deli (Acid Girls Remix)
16. New Order - Your Silent Face (Burglar Tom Edit)
17. The Human League - Open Your Heart (Eamon Harkin Edit)
18. Friendly Fires – On Board (Joakim Remix)
19. New Young Pony Club – Chaos (Rory Phillips Mix)
20. Manicured Noise – Metronome (Cousin Cole Remix 2-5)

Wednesday 20 January 2010



It was a dream project that magic box. This is from another world, which was added to the dynamic and open character of the landscape and foreign friends as magnetic as some strangely familiar. With warm surroundings and the people in the dark and quiet and had to share the subjective experience will bring many independent yet.

Has changed the life of this new time. We still accept obsolescence. What is the magic of?

Tuesday 19 January 2010


'A double relation is accentuated by mental processes leaping from one character to another--or is marked by the fact that the subject identifies himself with something else, so that he is in doubt as to which his self is.'

-Sigmund Freud, 1919

'Then, almost by rote, as if I’ve been programmed, I reach for
Body Double — a movie I have rented thirty-seven times — and walk up to the counter....'

-Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

Pino Donaggio - Body Double (Bootleg Original Version)

Been reflected in many mirrors in your face, how much is real? Is there any real, or is or encryption? This is a very long time, the problem has been questioned. However, a different character in the movie, do you like those related to the book? You take a snippet from the biographies of other people just what applies to you? What has been in your image, a jagged portion, please refer to stare at what? Will anyone ever know?

It is true, just 'blank'?

*The large thanks for Sean at arawa for the find music.

Friday 15 January 2010



Showing you some things for y'all this Sunday at Dan's in Denton, Texas.

Starts at 10:30PM, and it is free.


Osamu Tezuka, 1984 (6 min.)

Anime pioneer Osamu Tezuka’s short film shows the world from the point of view of a bouncing ball (or jumping child). Each jump of the camera goes higher, each landing is a visual surprise (i.e, a city setting, a jungle, the ocean floor, a battle field in wartime, the depths of Hell, etc.). Jumping won the Grand Prize at the 1984 Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films.

Richard Bishop, 2008 (30 min.)

“This film is a diabolical experiment in hypnotic mind control—a phantasmagoric presentation of demonic and divine imagery, meticulously assembled and designed to put the viewer into an altered state of darkened awareness. Includes original music from ‘Elektronika Demonika’, as well as unreleased material... Contains some strong sexual content. Not for the weak-minded, faint of heart, or those suffering from occasional seizures.”

, 1981 (60 min.)

“This concert film captures the former Stooges front man performing in San Francisco during a 1981 tour. Although the tour was in support of the album Party, Pop serves up songs a dozen songs that draw from every era of his career. The set list includes "T.V. Eye," "Lust for Life," "Some Weird Sin," and "Bang Bang." His backing band includes such famous faces as Clem Burke and Carlos Alomar.” - Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

Wednesday 13 January 2010

(1980 - 2010)

Jay Reatard - It Ain't Gonna Save Me

Sad news via Spinner.


You always your shuttle, and even feel the distance between the universe is cut from different cloth. Most of the group you support and have never been much Joiner and depends on the spirit of the team. Throughout your life, family relationships at the expense of comfort and to ensure its own path. Your closest allies, friends, lovers, sort of in many cases is too maladjustment. This is a mistake, especially with other people, it's easy to live like this you do not turn away. People and families, even though you know your whole life, you will find the information that a outsider among your own furniture.

Michael Chapman - Stranger In The Room

* Song of fantastic the article by planet mondo.

* Image via they don't call them lovers in high school, leeland.

Monday 11 January 2010


Now, your new life, the next stage, which begins with the rocky start to begin. New personality you want to accept a new face. Others want to loosen the reins of their own to go - simply happy puppet, unpretentious, exist as free to release the magic of your soul. However, in order to maximize you, it must be able to trust the figures have not happened yet.

T. Rex - Electric Slim & the Factory Hen

You live in a new body, which meat was a defendant in this fictitious person. He needed to see what happens actually knew was destroyed by a lack of preparation and imagination and this sad plot. Like the real life, you need to practice to avoid such pitfalls and surprises, but in your first steps, if any improvement is certainly the last to give up.

Images via the impossible cool.
Video via micahwave.

Thursday 7 January 2010


George Quartz - Cotton Coffin

This is to remain trapped in your bed comfortable and quiet is sometimes very difficult. Sometimes it is very cold or is sick or too late, stayed the night before overindulging. But without love the bed can become very lonely, it is often to see the reason for your life beyond the grave in the soft warmth of this is difficult. Wait to pass through the pain and escape into your dreams. In addition to humans, other animals, this time we need to heal.

Space of George Quartz.

Wednesday 6 January 2010


The Knife - Colouring Of Pigeons

Last night, your dream is strange, waking up questions you and your subconscious needs. This is not the first time such a thing happen, but this is the most bizarre. Old Man and the beautiful eyes and a blond hairstyle, a white luxury apartment watching your appetite, you are to look, he changed you into beautiful female animals. and untie you as a favorite wrapped gift, it feels good compromise, mind and body, your hidden impulses. You become a powerful magic, though you feel that it is just out of range. You wake up before the release of grand, but now that you are confusing other people, could lead to strange and surreal without reservation the building to sleep.

Courtesy track of The Knife.

Tuesday 5 January 2010


Amazulu - Moonlight Romance

Amazulu - Montego Bay

You feel like a new era with a fresh and positive life with a clean slate ready to start. Life is struggle in the past, and if your 'ship finally to have come from hope'. However, it is some time away before there is a beautiful place to travel and tourism can break again. However, the routine must feel the ground is not cold in the frigid winter. Many sights and smells of a tropical island, and bathed in the warmth of the sun, is surrounded by the azure sea, is within reach. You still take a moment, leave it in any way 'can be in the recall'. Your imagination can take you anywhere.

Special of gratitutde for Sean Donson at arawa.fm for tracks.
More of thanks to u n t h r i l l e d.