Wednesday 29 July 2009


What is the descendant of a major disaster heavens and what caused the rupture of the sky? What happened to the citizens and how did you keep to life when so many have fallen under the rain cap black ash swirling from that of an angry volcano and invisible? Is it the umbrella supernatural that saved you?

Why your beautiful garden is with fresh green ivy and Misty Roses, while all others are still covered in gray filth and death? As flickering silver winged beings appear you and whisper siren songs around your neck, how can you be sure you did all survive? Are you calling from phones beyond the other side? Is there anyone left on the line you heard?

Misty Roses - Clouded Sulphur

'Villainess' to be offered 1 September 2009 here.


Embrace the night with Phantastes, Survive, Florene, and h...n.

*To be of update, Phantastes will no appear for the evening, by decree of gods cruel.

Tuesday 28 July 2009


Inside the dream, while the tape runs majestic Memory Cassette its sound, perfect sunlight caress the softness of the skin and a slight cool breeze calm, your enthusiasm builds as you go through the sand chalk white stick in hand, to greet the tide and to tame the wilderness of the sea.

With the help of the natural force called Weird Tapes you will experience the adventure like never before you pull the loop and drive straight into the conduct of the cosmos. The constellations you get more with their infinite magnetism, the formation of your image in the heavens and sends you through all time and space fragrant. Fresh spray refreshes your senses as the gentle hand of Neptune lifts you from one world to another. Nubile nymphs seductions sweet whispers in your ear gently kissed the veins of pure gold to your cheeks. A powerful sense of calm takes place in you as you begin to understand that everything is right with the Universe.

Memory Cassette - Surfin (Weird Tapes Version)

As if the day before in a more prescient mind, a head full of knowledge surrealist, and felt a perfect body skating through short waves of eternity, you realize that you have returned to land, although as you have changed beyond your wild imagination. People flock to welcome you in a foreign language that the eyes seem to understand that snap vivid colors unknown in point. They call you 'Sail A Whale' and you are the incarnation of their prophecy, centuries old and are a god of pure, ecstatic energy. The command of the sea, and stars above, vibrate at your fingertips.

Memory Cassette - Surfin (Sail A Whale Version)

To hold stars falling in hand that become Memory Cassette, touch here.

Other waves magic to ride upon:
Shadow Self

Thursday 23 July 2009


Where did go Faux Fox? When they last heard of Switchblade all mindless puppets and leather motorcycle with a baseball bat gang violence Swagger. They were screened in the cinema car on the side of the cliff a strange where they murdered one of them and disposed of the body. Did they turn on each other and die in a confrontation triangular those who remain?

If this case, where corpses are hidden?

Perhaps an idea came from the teen detective talented here to be known as J M Reimer. He skillfully brought together some strange mystery of the last tape recordings in a redrafted to consider possible scenarios. What is here and what's found? Was it movie only by kids to neck on double date? Or are the words, memories of these adolescents revisited in middle age? Which side of the mirror holds the truth? Even the clues themselves are mysteries.

Faux Fox - Class Ring (J M Reimer Remix)

Escaping to the group to another world that night? Who were two hood figures on the landscape? Were they women? Why did embrace?

Tuesday 21 July 2009


Since the first death sentences cold, man has the fantasy of eternal life, perpetuated through two thousand years of history of Christ death and resurrection of the flesh and eat and drink the blood of symbology ideas. But to touch the fingers fragile silk veils, time, they must be willing to sacrifice their own humanity and walk the night between the eyes and type of food before you. The irony of life is always the need for a miserable death.

Ken Russell's Lair of the White Worm throws to change the traditional vampire myth dark moods with garish images and invisible, the mixture of known and unknown, and the Lambton Worm legend. Undead, the lover of the Roman emperor to nourish life and cult worship of God Dionin white snake to take advantage of the virgin luscious, to enjoy sacrifice.

: : o o

Under the surface in strange corridors of limestone and granite, and vampire virgin become one body forming to White Ring. She is forever lost in the labyrinth of dark and glittering of purgatory, blocked time outside but inside an airless void, like a crypt the size of a modern city.

Scream! Scream! The girl of curse is trapped in an eternal universe. Shapeless mirror run into the night and darkness without end because the plot outside the marble plaque that blood red roses freshly deposited in a porcelain vase.

White Ring - Roses

O, how the Snake on its own tail to devour!

Friday 17 July 2009


Strange four men whose faces were unknown and language model form hoods insatiable fanaticism. These beings are too few to be a sect, a band of plus or packages of rabid dingoes, but the worship of gods of the dimension like no sound before. They hover in satin glass pyramids monk habit in their dirty and esoteric instruments wings in flight confectionery dream of happiness.

They form the walls of the vibration and fury around their figurehead strange, the mysterious mildy George Quartz, transforming gentleman of the beast in the shape to the concept of blowing air on the ears of newborn kittens.

Come and be part of the celebration, the strange friendship, ritual renewal of the carousel. Crush amethyst in the figures of the bloody Pentagram. Allow them to your Personal Victories as well.

Arrive to Chat and to make the experience with as Fight Bite, Great Tyrant, Akkolyte, Darktown Strutters, and Eat Avery's Bones.

Thursday 16 July 2009


Across the board, two sets of iron lock eyes in a quiet area during the game fight remaining pieces. In this rare case, however, both opponents have of same strategy: poetic impasse.

Jake Schrock is the dark architect of wet neon-stained streets that cut glowing trail ghettos of hot steam and the cold light of tough foreign - strange cityscapes where no one is safe and always alone. George Quartz is the solitary player cracked and lost in this urban nightmare(shot on location), teeth rattle the strange summer chill, fever and a method role gone amok: Chess master, Casanova, unscrupulous masher.... lycanthrope? Who is the face reflect the shop mannequin's staring blank?

'Oh my god, it still happens....'

This is town Schrock and no way to easy out.

Schrock & Quartz - Modern Prodigy

George Quartz will appear with Personal Victories Saturday night this. More information will come.

Saturday 11 July 2009

Bando Tamasburo by Kishin Shinoyama

From Paradis Magazine-summer 08

"For 38 years, Kishin Shinoyama has been taking photographs of Bando Tasburo, a living ledgend of kabuki theatre. In 1970, the author and nationalist ritual suicide, Yukio Mishima, said of this 'onnagata'-a male actor who specialises in female roles, but doesn't play them exclusively: "The onnagata is the flower of Kabuki, and although the great elders are essential in this field, if there were no young actors, none of these flowers in bud, kabuki would not survive. Nowadays, even though we would like to cultivate such flowers, there is no soil for this purpose and we can only impaitiently wait for a miracle. Now our paitience has been rewarded. Tamasaburo is a young onnagata whose elegance and delicacy call to mind the working of ivory. He is the living proof of the vitality of kabuki." Kishin Shinoyama, himself a master of the photographic medium, spoke to Paradis about his singular rapport with Bando Tamasburo."

For full interview click here and here