Monday, 2 March 2009


a small retrospective of HUSSEIN CHALAYAN

"Temporary Interference" spring '95

"Between" spring '98 london fashion week

"Panoramic" winter '98

"Geotropics" spring '99


niners said...

Thanks for this.

miky said...

oh god this is osom and terrible toghether....

now i know that if someone can where this i can realy not call my high heals unconfteble!:-p:-p

^^Sue#EleN++ said...

You should check out his show in London at the design museum. It's great to see it all for real !

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how extreme fashion can be seen as normal because fashion is always trying to be more extreme. In other words fashion is always trying to push the envelope to stand out more. This happens so much that if someone dresses strangely it's considered normal in the fashion world. I hope that makes sense.

-Zane of ontario honey

-Zane of ontario honey