Tuesday, 17 March 2009


New York is lousy with art fairs in March: everywhere, everyone, fashion, drinks, stress, money - good god. Normally I can't be bothered to mingle in such a manner, but I couldn't resist the VIP invitation to Scope and the opportunity to be and be seen with Lizard Pretzel. This fair was pretty cleaned up and straight forward. Although there was a good amount of artwork, it wasn't so crowded as to make you crawl around and over it like at most fairs, which I can only assume is a result of this economy I've been hearing so much about lately. The highlight of the evening was the fun and yet still well thought out booth from (Believe it!)Austin's Okay Mountain that had touchable sculptures, incredibly low priced small drawings and a poet typing commissioned poems on the spot. Oh yes, that and the beer train, with the free flowing Grolsch, making its way through the fair. That helped. 

Here's a short list of some trends I noticed in the imagery/elements of artwork showing at Scope this year. 

The curio cabinet:

The hook:

And, the rip-off:

Seriously, it makes my teeth hurt. 

Now with all this artwork out of the way, I can focus my attention on what is turning into a budding festish: men's ankles. It seems that with just the hint of spring weather the ankles, though still clothed in socks, are making appearances. It's thrilling. I hope to have pictures of these darlings soon.

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Emz said...

Wow those are really interesting pieces of artwork.