Friday, 27 February 2009


Occasionally, on that rare weekend when I have a few contemplative moments to spare, I'll cut short my usual marathon meditation session a few minutes and pop into this dusty office to crank out a post such as this. I'll really only do so if I feel I have something very important to share.... and if these damn tremors in my hands have subsided enough for pecking away at the old teevee typewriter, as it were....

Jake Five, whom The Sybil brought to me in one of her rather disturbing and ill-timed astral projections, has been quietly invading Dirt City with his own brand of surreal synthesis and subconscious sci-fi sounds. When he's not busy creating sonic holographic landscapes of a near-future that only could have happened in the past, he is, quite generously, providing electronic epicureans, such as yours truly, with soundtracks to long-lost eras we all wish we could have been a part of.... or, as in this case, to the good times we all hope to see again:

Jake Five - Is It Summer Yet? Mixtape

I absolutely promise that you will be hearing more from this Jake Five character in the future.... and, after this rambling mess - less from me! Oh, by the way, here's one more treat you can thank Mr. Five for, that, incidentally, is the opening track from the mixtape:

Bill Nelson - Do You Dream In Colour?


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cheree cheree said...

this mix opens my spring flower