Monday, 16 February 2009


Across the plains of synthesis, the Faux Fox is still hunted by the dead of night, although the predators are not the sporting dogs, but elegant beings of glittering life nocturnal, Diamond Vampires, continuing endless from onyx steed. O, the ecstatic pleasure of the soft and fragile, as the beast feels starlight glinted fangs as deep wells through the fur, flesh, and ivory bone....

Faux Fox - Secret Stallion (Diamond Vampires Version)

.... while elsewhere, on another existence plane and harassed the miserable creature, wet with the cocktail of salty tears, blood, sweat and semen, scratches its way to the end of a road of yellow brick. It finally draws the curtain to reveal its kaleidoscopic master, Geeky C, who will transform small dogs in the land of seduction of the beautiful mink worn around the smooth, soft neck of the world elite harlots as they giggle together in an eternal orgy beyond the time....

Faux Fox - Class Ring (Geeky C Make-Out Party Mix)

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Pen Pen said...

WOW! It's SO awesome to see a fashion blog with beautiful images AND colorful WORDS!
Bravo to the contributors! You are accomplishing in TWO arenas what others only hope to achieve in ONE!!