Monday, 9 February 2009


During the night, as the ghostly steam hovering over the cold, damp air, Jake Five rods on the street under the glowing, pulsing grids neon rainbow of colors. It is not clear that this enigmatic figure of the console is human or android or wraith or hologram. It is clear that his 1982 Jaguar has literally become its name, a sexy predator stalking the streets in search of a silken, though Faux Fox. During this it tears in big claws its prey, the rearranging is strange, dark, and beautiful.

Faux Fox - Nothing Gold (Jake Five Version)

Now please follow Jake Five, no return, but in Europe:

Jake Five - Europe 1982 Mixtape

'Nights of Arabia' - Miro Miroe
'Person to Person' - The (Hypothetical) Prophets
'Jupp Putta' - Bottroper Hammerchor
'Cold as Ever' - A Blaze Colour
'Das Ende Vom Traum' - Silvia
'Closer' - Codek
'Monsteribaari'- Belaboris
'New Statue(Morning Song)' - Solid Space
'Abzaehlreim' - Synthenphall
'God's Kitchen' - Blancmange
'Madman' - Snowy Red
'Cocaina Vitamina' - ADN Ckrystall
'Armour' - The Passage

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