Tuesday, 7 October 2008


A safari is a voyage on ground. It usually refers to a voyage by tourists in Africa, traditionally for a hunting with large-play and in more modern times to observe and photograph the big game and any other fauna like holidays of safari. There are a certain topic or model related on the word, which include khaki clothing, the girdled jackets of bush, the helmets of marrow or the hats of slouch, and to the animal skin-like the skin of the leopard.

Barrabas - Wild Safari

The pith and the khaki of Hollister Hovey never leave her, for she is always on the safari. It is not a voyage through Serengeti, although, but an odyssey by the heart never-leaf of the time of the darkness. Mrs. Hovey will not forget the past even while the ocean of time drives the car into the future. Those which grind an eye into history better are laid out for the strange lions which are located in waiting - not to be afraid to join its forwarding.

Holy Fuck - Safari

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