Wednesday, 1 October 2008


The streets of the big city hold a power above the world which is magnetic, as if the Empire State Building itself is a large post which affects the events around the sphere.

To look beyond the splendid skyscrapers and the constellation of lights, and under glitz and charm of the high city, you will find reality. Among the ruins of the buildings of decomposition, the crumble of the walls, refuse and fouls, neon and glass beat a mysterious heart and violent one. Palpitation by it is always the vital element of New York.

Troops of teenager of street, Brazilian, the other, Puerto Rican, battle for the territory of drug in 'Mixed Blood' of Paul Morrissey. The points were composed by 'Sugar-Coated' Andy Hernandez, aka, Coati Mundi, who is featured in 'Downtown 81', a film about Jean Michel Basquiat and his contemporaries of Manhattan. Hernandez was also a member of King Creole and the Coconuts.

'Mixed Blood' movie trailer here.

Coati Mundi - K Pasa-Pop

Coati Mundi - Prisoner of My Principal (Instrumental)

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