Friday, 3 October 2008


Rubik, the astonishing cube was a magic cube which could fly by the air and had other special powers. Rubik could only come living when the coloured places on its sides had been matched upwards.

Rubik had fallen out of diligence of a bad magician, and this magician was the principal gangster in all the exposure. Rubik helped three child of same parent-Carlos, LISA, and Reynaldo Rodriguez-in thwarting the attempts of the magician to recover Rubik. Once, Rubik was recovered by a detective who was a relative of the magician, but in addition decided that the children should keep Rubik because the magician would employ it for bad and egoistic goals.

Faux Fox - Wizard of the Cube

Apart from bad magician, the episodes usually dealt with more normal adversaries, as when the oldest son had run afoul of a despot who had thwarted his efforts to gain a potential friend, whereas at the same time the despot was made seem decent with the girl. Rubik had functioned in the secrecy to expose the true brutal personality of the despot in front of the girl.

The children of Rodriguez were completely capable to solve the cubes of Rubik, making often thus with only some movements, even for the configurations which were impossible to solve that quickly, although in stressing circumstances that took them longer. Sometimes even the animals would solve the cube, just as quickly that the children could. It was salutary since Rubik regularly became completely simply scrambled while being dropped, being seized by the dog of family, etc. Rubik was also first Saturday exposure of cartoon of morning to comprise the Hispanic children like principal characters.

In agreement with the Hispanic savour of the exposure, the song of topic was made by the band Puerto Rican Menudo of boy.

Menudo - Subete A Mi Moto


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