Thursday, 17 September 2009


Paul Williams - Phantom's Theme

Phantom of the Paradise is 1974 musical film mixture of The Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Faust. Follows the music of composer who considered Satanic record producer during performance as back-up act for Juicy Fruits which produces swans. Swan deeply moved the singing and the music of Winslow that the perfect music to open Paradise concert hall his right arm fly.

Death Records is thrown out. He slips into the Swan Hotel, to see what happens, there are several women singing all music. Phoenix perfect his music and the quickly fall for.

He seeks to destroy a press kit with the media file in the press record and press his face. Bleeding profusely and his face now badly mutilated, very disoriented and falls into the water and his body was not recovered.

Slip behind the scenes in Paradise the costume puts on a suit of black leather, long black cape and one silver owl to cover his scarred face and become ghost of a security camera.

While the ghost remains in the recording studio to rewrite the song and signs a contract in blood. Swan is a pill-popping women glam-rock male prima donna.

The Dutchman finished Faust to kill him if he performs but was arrested by a drug induced hallucination.

Swan Phoenix arrives and seduces his future stardom. Overwhelmed by the zealous crowd but quickly carting by the ghost. On the roof of the Phantom Phoenix tells his true identity. Swan will not destroy it as it destroys everything.

These assemblies are composed of shots from the film pointedly, and most of them are, but there are also many waterfalls.

Special appreciations to Jonah.


Anonymous said...

thank you to remind us that we will ever find a monster to save the lord (stupids in action)

Anonymous said...

My buddy keeps telling me to see Phantom of the Paradise. I think I'm finally going to check it out.

-Zane of ontario honey