Thursday, 24 September 2009


All were normal were not out from all others in the community. They Summit because they can walk out of the country, sometimes unnoticed. However, their environment and mind (the possession of the duo Uncanny telepathic ability), there exist languages and techniques that had the possibility of foreign totally not acceptable to modern values.

Hot, ideas and beamed like a flame out the back and the arrows between them as indigenous and accuracy of ice bullet, and changing the erupting in the shadow of a darker dream. They had no need of words, but when they talked to each syllable was important. Every phrase was Mantra. Each sentence was Manifesto.

Two, known as Figure Study walk among us now. Are chill and shudder exactly as they passed by? Concern not to be, they are here to instruct.

Figure Study - Lesson One

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Anonymous said...

The way you write makes me want to learn sign language. I dunno that just the feeling I get when I read. That I shoudl learn sign language to communicate in another way.

-Zane of ontario honey